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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden





Other Stats





"Exarch" is the quirkiest damn robot ever to forget its brain wiped clean. If ever "his" (it speaks with a male voice modulation) head unit is inspected/dismantled (killing "him" most likely), an organic brain will be found, wet-wired into the rest of the robotic body.

"He" is a rather benevolent individual, and trys to be helpful and accommodating. "He" also is rather interested in exploring and investigating the unknown.

Above all else, Exarch seems programmed with the respect of all living things. "He" will neither harm nor allow to be harmed non-hostile lifeforms, and will not knowingly attack or harm hostile lifeforms (mutated plants seem to be in question). Exarch will protect his comrades and other lifeforms from harm at all costs (even with his quirky robot body).

What the hell ever happened to this poor robot?!


This rusty unit has colorful markings and designs on its chassis, though when questioned, it is ignorant of their origin and meaning. One such decoration is a painted-neon message on its large rear storage space: "This Mother@#$%er's gonna get my metal!" Exarch's front chassis bears an anti-plant symbol.

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