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Play-by-Post RPG Archives

This site contains (or links to) archives for several play-by-post role-playing adventures in which I've participated. This site has no flashy graphics, but if you like a good read, you're in the right place!

Site Updates

1/28/2013: Wow, it's been a while. Since the last update, Lost Souls of Mistywood Forest has ended, and another khara_khang adventure (Warlock Peak) has come and gone. Currently Lucky Draw is playing out at the BFT. Also, at the GM's behest I've agreed to archive the two currently running Gamma World adventures at A Gamma World Role Playing Club. It's not like I'm backlogged or anything. :)

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Table of Contents

The Archives

Agents of Lerotra'hh

Khazan is being overrun by the combined lizardmen and alien forces of the serpent god Zweetz! Can a select group of monsters loyal to the Death Goddess Lerotra'hh turn the tide? See how the inventor of Tunnels & Trolls® fleshes out the fateful years 1312-1313 A.K., chronicled in his official Trollworld Timeline.

Archivist's Note: Though the game is over, and many of the players have moved on, there are some that believe that the plot threads are too good to leave dangling, so there is ongoing work in this direction. PBPArchives has obtained permission from Ken, so we'll post the completed work here. Stay tuned!

The Trassgar Saga (the new adventures)

This long-running never-say-die campaign (the "old" adventures started in 1996) got a second wind on the Web at this impeccably maintained and indexed external site. The format has since moved to play-by-post at the private clubsite, but you can read the polished moves at the public website.

Goblins in the Mist

This adventure, the first in the epic series of play-by-post T&T® campaigns at The Blue Frog Tavern Yahoo! club (and its successor, the Yahoo! group Blue Frog Tavern) is archived (in a much nicer format) on an external site.

A Gamma World Hell Hole

This adventure started at the former Yahoo! club, The Gama [sic] World Hell Hole, which succumbed to the The Great Website Holocaust™ of '00. Over 200 game posts were lost, but many of these were discovered in a dark, secret corner of the GM's mailbox. The NARChivist used these recovered posts to reconstruct in literary form a prologue to the adventure.

With the influx of several new players, this complex storyline has split into several subplots, but have no fear, there is a master plan to connect them! After spending a year reloading the entire 1MB+ archive into mental RAM, the GM is primed to post again! At least that what he said last year. :(

Lizardmen in Red Water Bay

This adventure started at the now defunct Yahoo! club, The Blue Frog Tavern, which was deleted in The Great Website Holocaust™ of '00. Fortunately, all posts have been recovered in this Archive.

The Hobbit Equalizer Dungeon Of Doom

This is a comical play-by-post "break out of this dungeon" campaign run with streamlined T&T® mechanics. The posting site is an old abandoned T&T® club (started by some cybersquatter named michael_crichton---go figure) that the GM tried to rejuvenate. Soon after starting, the game was terminated for reasons beyond the GM's control (translation: RealLife™ got in the way), however the characters pulled a grand deus ex machina and tied up the loose ends.

BioHazard Quests

Run by BioHazard©'s creator, these adventures are set on a post-apocalyptic planet where "Mutations Are Totally Groovin'!" Like the Trassgar Saga, the posting site is private, but this Archive is not.

Archivist's Note: The GM of this game planned multiple modules. So far, only the first adventure has been run to completion; it is archived here. The second adventure has not yet started.

Oblique Streams

Shindorim7, the brains behind Lizardmen's lovable Jack de Crampon, takes the helm of this third T&T® romp held at the Blue Frog Tavern clubsite. Unfortunately, RL sacked this GM as well, and khara_khang hacked together a swift ending whose loose ends have had far-reaching consequences in subsequent adventures.

Initiate Alpha Sequence

Gamma World has its beginnings in this humble 1976 RPG whose "generation ship" premise is strikingly similar to R. A. Heinlein's early novella entitled Orphans of the Sky (indeed, the creator of Metamorphosis Alpha®, James M. Ward, has stated he was influenced by this book). This adventure uses simplified character construction rules and takes the player characters, who are (perhaps mutated) clones of their former selves, through the elephantine and deadly confines of a starship whose colonization mission has gone dreadfully awry.

Archivist's Note: This is the original edited compilation of the first part of the story featuring the Archivist's characters, and serving as both epilogue and prologue to Murphy's Law.

Goblin Lake, Part Deux

During a lull in Oblique Streams, a fourth adventure (and khara_khang's third) begins at the Blue Frog Tavern. This scenario takes us back to the infamous Lake Fishsquish of T&T® past: King Snorkin needs a bride, and oh, what a bride she is!

Dangerous Creations

The tireless khara_khang begins his fourth adventure at the Blue Frog Tavern even as the previous one settles down. Not for your ordinary delver, this battle to save Khazan from imminent invasion promises to be the most ambitious adventure at the club yet, from which only the strongest, bravest (and luckiest) characters may return.


With stated purpose to compare a popular homegrown 6th edition of the Tunnels & Trolls® rules to the current 5th edition rules, this hypothetical romp through a Tron-inspired setting showcases the differences between the two rule systems, especially as they relate to the addition of the Mystic attribute and combat rules. The data gleaned from this experiment will help to determine whether or not the proposed changes are necessary or need adjustment. Gedanken is archived (incompletely) at an external site by its GM.

Lazarin Encounter

A departure from the usual role-playing fare at the Blue Frog, this game nevertheless finds its place there, as Starfaring® shares a common creator with Tunnels & Trolls® (Ken St. Andre). This adventure takes place far on the rim of the Milky Way, as Terran and alien star travelers investigate a mysterious tortured planet and its ancient secrets. This adventure is archived at an external site by its GM.

Murphy's Law

Taking insights both from the original plots described in the first edition Metamorphosis Alpha® rulebook and from its inspiration Orphans of the Sky by R. A. Heinlein, this adventure features a unique narrative perspective: that of an omniscient, benevolent shipboard being known only as "Ghost of Warden." An earlier clone of Zhaxier (see Initiate Alpha Sequence) rears his bald head in this game, but his genes have undergone some thorough mixing!

The Pirate Blade of Rahnian

Khazan's (in)famous Hobbit rogue Shipy stumbles across an ancient text detailing a weapon of awesome power, and so he assembles a band of treasure-hunters and adventure seekers, with the ostensible design to uncover the artifact. But what is Shipy really after? Thus begins khara_khang's fifth adventure at the Blue Frog Tavern.

Dungeon of the Dead

Gedanken's down-on-his-luck (what luck?) Paddy O'Baddy reemerges as an accidental participant in this delve of an ancient Wizard's tomb, created and run by veteran T&T® aficionado deliberatus_2001, who offers this enticement to PCs at the outset: "I will infect you, inject you, digest you, poison you, toast you, gas you, suffocate you, drown you, rip away your life forces, throw lightning bolts at you, let you play with creatures of the night, make war with 'immortal' warriors, steal away your years, and take what is left for making chum for The Fish. Just one, but he's a dilly. And then there's the really scary stuff... did I mention this old boy was a 30th level Wizard Lord in life?" With the help of some powerful friends, the PCs might just survive. Might.

Archivist's Note: Though the GM has abandoned this game, he has given his blessing for the players to wrap it up. Look for a denouement at the BFT soon.

Goblin Crag

Snark reprises his variegated persona in what may be the first T&T® "reality series" at the Blue Frog Tavern! Veteran GMs weird_ollie01 and later hobbit_king (alter ego of khara_khang) run Andy Holmes' popular online dungeon as a contest for the powerful Gristlegrim, who has recruited delving teams to compete for fame and fortune in super-lethal dungeons. The delvers wear magical scrying amulets that allow Gristlegrim and his court (and countless other scrying stations scattered across Trollworld) to view the action. Anticipating a frightful bloodbath, the delvers carry a Rod of Random Reincarnation to help with annoying setbacks, but if they don't find enough high-powered artifacts on the way down, they face serious annihilation.

Sewers of Khazan

It has been two years since Shipy's last expedition. Now the plucky Hobbit serves the great Wizard Khara Khang himself, who has lost a magical lens. Naturally, Shipy assembles a band of delvers for another recovery mission, but this time, their quarry lies below the streets of Khazan. Welcome to khara_khang's sixth adventure at the Blue Frog Tavern.

Fire Lasso Magna

Imagine a game where your character's every word has the potential to set the path of the adventure on a radical course. Such an adventure befalls the plucky Leprechaun of Dungeon of the Dead and Gedanken, the perennially overlooked, ignored (and now recently married!) Mr. Paddy O'Baddy. Along with assorted other seafaring swabbies, Paddy finds himself on an island that carries a most unusual curse in this second adventure run by calenril_i at the BFT. Join Captain Eigo and his crew as they try to figure out the curse (and escape the island alive) in this ingeniously creative and consistent realm where meaning is relative and clues abound in every GM post. Fire Lasso Magna is being archived in blog format at the GM's own website.

Lost Souls of Mistywood Forest

The BFT's most prolific GM khara_khang returns after a long hiatus to run his seventh BFT adventure, in which a dozen delvers, including nearly the entire cast of Sewers of Khazan and a couple stars of Goblin Crag, investigate the mysterious disappearance of the denizens of a trading post deep inside the great Mistywood Forest of Kaball. The usual tavern meet'n'greet is hardly over before the characters are thrust into three very different realities, all linked by a Forest Imp who holds the key (or not!) to their fates.

Warlock Peak

The plucky Hobbit Shipy leads a star-studded (or at least studded leather) cast of BFT regulars down into the bowels of the distant Warlock Peak, where rumors of magnificent treasure, Dwarven artifacts, omniscient librarians, giant spiders, stalking demons, exploding volcanoes and certain death abound. (Hell yeah, sign me up!) Mystery, drama and intrigue follow the delvers and their mysterious Efreet guide Zinsheen, as they get separated inside the heart of the mountain, but the prophecy says they must kill a party member to get back out alive. Who can they trust? This eighth BFT adventure by GM khara_khang features one of his most spectacular endings yet.

Lucky Draw

Game in progress...

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