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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden


Biff Jenkins



Other Stats




Jenkins was a member of the Trans-Plutonian construction team that built Warden. He sold his mnemo-genetic code to the project but was never part of the crew/passenger complement.

"Biff Jenkins (the first) was actually an imposter.

"Ansel DeVrees, a member of a fringe Neo-Marxist group and insurgent-at-large assumed the identity of Biff Jenkins.

"DeVrees grew up in the outer system. His early life was spent in a subculture that specialized in refurbishing artificial habitats, primarily large asteroid complexes whose ownership/function had changed. His role was to rejuvenate/re-engineer the habitats, but the catch was dealing with squatters, pirates and new life forms that inhabited these complexes (insert paramilitary skills).

"Cut to a period of work on Pluto, where his misgivings of his previous 'cleanup' operations made him open to radicalization by Neo-Marxists that criticized the forced relocation of squatters.

"After some 'direct political actions,' he needed to lay low. He assumed the identity of Biff Jenkins (before Biff started working on Warden) and performed his duties. Eventually disillusioned about the viability of a Worker's Utopia in the Home system, he came upon the idea that the 'blank slate' of the colonies still had possibilities.

"After helping with the construction of Warden, he sold his mnemo-genetic specific codes in the hope of spreading his cause to the colonies.

"In the current circumstance, he has a jumble of memories of his true/assumed identities and is wondering if other 'sleepers' are present among the clones."



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