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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden

Interlude: What's Up on Level 12?


Meanwhile, Elsewhere on Warden...

Scar-lock looks into the bloodshot eyes of the Metaled One as he steps over his fallen comrade, the mesomorphic Bugbearoid he knew simply as "Jud." For the moment, his winded adversary catches its breath just as he does; each wonders how many more they have coming.

Poor Jud, Scar-lock laments. His tough-as-nails follower fought hard in the ambush, but he finally succumbed to the mutant badgers' tactics: one of them froze him, another hurled him effortlessly against a tree, and the third hewed his head clean off. Jud's spiked helmet marks where his head landed, flanked by the two other Badgeroids felled by Scar-lock's skilled blade.

The Pure Strain would like to think that this last Metaled One is the bastard who raked Jud. But the Universe is rarely that ordered, and he forswore hope long ago. You will be avenged, friend, he vows silently.

His thought has barely been filed away when the Metaled One acts. Scar-lock's brain buzzes with the mutant badger's failed paralysis attempt, and he lunges with his sword. He thought they'd learned that he was too tough to be paralyzed, too heavy to hurl with their minds. No problem. Let him try. The edge of his sword is deflected off the Badgeroid's calcified fur.

Scar-lock parries another swipe by the Metaled One's dagger-like claws, then swings again, missing. It leaps at him, further throwing him off balance, and then it telekinetically wrests his sword from his loosened grasp.

"Ah sheeeeit."

As Scar-lock falls to his knees and palms, he sees his blade whistling away in a flat spin through the air. As if in slow motion, it repeatedly catches the artificial sun's glare, then it thuds into the distant dirt, point first. The mutant badger allows him this disheartening image before it rushes in... connect with Scar-lock's well-timed kick in the nose. It reels backward with the force his blow, and then crashes to the ground with Scar-lock's ensuing tackle.

The sickening crunch seems to evoke an unnatural silence in the clearing. Scar-lock hurriedly uncoils his arms around the beast's legs and backs off against a tree-trunk. He is shocked to have been spared his foe's claws, but even more so to see a spike protruding through the Badgeroid's throat. Incredibly, Jud's helmet found the vulnerable spot at the nape of the Metaled One's neck.

"Maybe there is Order in the Universe, after all, eh Jud?" he croaks, wiping the bloody sweat from his brow as an enormous toothy maw rears up silently behind him.

Order indeed, the Jawed Plant might have paused to think while munching (were it capable of thought). I ordered uppa whole messa humanoids, and all I got was one lousy Pure-Strain.

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