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Welcome to The UFP Connection, a Star Trek fan fiction writers group founded in October of 1995.

This site is always accepting new fiction, so please check back often. If you're a Star Trek fan fiction writer or artist and would like to have your work included in this site, please e-mail me. All ratings are fine as long as they are adequately marked. No slash, please.

PLEASE NOTE: All items included in this site are copyrighted by the author and are presented here with permission. They are not intended to violate any copyrights held by others.


The Original Series:

Conquering the Cube by Sandy Adams
The crew of the Enterprise faces its greatest challenge yet -- the original "deadly cube"!

Deguello by Trish Bennett
The Klingons' test of the Organian Peace Treaty leaves James T. Kirk in a fight for his life. But the Klingons may have underestimated the strength of human ingenuity...and the power of a particular friendship. Novel-length TOS fiction.

For The World Is Hollow... by Tiffany May Harrsch
The classic TOS episode from Doctor McCoy's point-of-view.

The Once and Future Captain by Timothy Morgan
Upon his death, James T. Kirk discovers his true destiny.

The Stardate Before Christmas by Trish Bennett
The classic Christmas tale with a Trek-ish twist.

Tour of Duty by Sandy Adams
A TOS radio "drama", and a hilarious look at the perils of time travel.

Train of Consequences by Various Authors
An UNFINISHED TOS Round Robin Story (each chapter written by a different author). So far, we have six chapters of the story complete. Please e-mail me if you would like to help us finish it.

Wanderers by Sandy Adams
A Star Trek / Dark Shadows crossover vignette.

The Next Generation:

Connection Sealed by D. Destiny
Riker saves the last dance, but not for Deanna Troi.

A Counselor, A Bridge Officer, and A Heroine by D. Destiny
Deanna Troi reflects on her life and career immediately following the 5th season episode, "Disaster".

The Duel by Trish Bennett
Captain Picard meets Zorro in this TNG holodeck fantasy.

An Unstable Factor by D. Destiny
Troi helps Picard come to terms with himself in this 'missing' scene from "First Contact".

Deep Space Nine:

Dreadnought by Wayne Schmidt
Novel-length Deep Space Nine fiction. NOTE: This link will take you to a site outside the UFP Connection.

Hugh by Ben Church
The station receives a visit and assistance from Hugh, the individual Borg.

You Can Never Go Home Again by Ronald Todd
At the end of the Dominion War, Elim Garak returns to Cardassia to face the ghosts of his past.


Detonator by Tiger White
Janeway and crew discover an old nemesis in the Delta quadrant.

Federation's End by E.L. Zimmerman
Her ship taken from her and her crew disbanded, Captain Kathryn Janeway is about to uncover that the secret to her greatest fear lies somewhere between a ruthless Changeling found in the Delta Quadrant and the all powerful Borg! The battle for the survival of the Alpha Quadrant begins in the Delta Quadrant in the hands of Starfleet's bravest captain yet!

Leaving Home by Tiffany May Harrsch
It has been years since Voyager chased the Maquis ship through the Badlands and was dragged into the Delta Quadrant. Sooner than they planned, but longer than they hoped, Voyager has finally made its way home. Now one member of her crew says goodbye.


Archer's Romance by Annie Hall
Captain Archer finds solace in the arms of a beautiful shipmate. RATED NC-17 for sexual situations.

Beings of Light by Annie Hall
An old friend of Archer and Tucker joins the Enterprise crew for a three-month assignment. But when her health rapidly deteriorates, the friends fear the mission might be her last.

Cave-In by Trish Bennett
Trip and Hoshi share an unexpected moment in the midst of a bad situation.

Gray Area by Trish Bennett
When Commander Tucker is injured in a shuttlepod crash on a previously uncharted planet, the Enterprise crew discovers the truth behind old-Earth tales of alien abduction.

Little Spaceship of Horror by Josephine
An alien plant grows out of control, turning the Enterprise into a cosmic (and comic) battle zone.

Trippin' by Josephine
A minor accident sends Trip Tucker on an adventure all his own.

Wishful Thinking by Sandy Adams
Captain Archer writes a letter to Santa.

Other Crews:

Odyssey by Travis Anderson
Following on the heels of the Dominion War, Starfleet must investigate the rumours of a political prison camp created during the war. Commanded by a former Maquis collaborator, a crew of raw recruits and veteran troublemakers get a final chance at redemption on a mission that may permanently alter the nature of the Federation.

Star Trek: Horizons: "Return To The Empire" by Ronald Todd
Twenty years after the end of the Dominion War, the Star Trek adventure continues. The crew of the newly commissioned starship U.S.S. Hikaru Sulu takes on new enemies and new frontiers at the end of the 24th century.


The Original Series:

Dear Spock by Barb Hinkel

Edith by Isla McMahon

Farewell Song For a Starship Captain by Sandy Adams

Ode To Bill by Barb Hinkel

T'hy'la by Isla McMahon

To Boldly Go...(Enterprise) by Sandy Adams

Trish's Star Trek Limericks by Trish Bennett

Why? by Barb Hinkel

The Next Generation:

The Captain by Barb Hinkel

Layla's Star Trek Limericks by Layla Brown

Starfleet Hero by Barb Hinkel

Deep Space Nine:


Voyager by Barb Hinkel



Are There...? by Barb Hinkel

Choices by Barb Hinkel

Doctor, Doctor by Barb Hinkel

Queen Of The Fleet by Barb Hinkel

Sandy's Star Trek Limericks by Sandy Adams

Trekkers by Barb Hinkel

Who's The Best? by Barb Hinkel

Fan Art

The Original Series:

The Next Generation:

Deanna Troi by Layla Brown

Counselor Troi by Layla Brown

Deep Space Nine:

Dr. Julian Bashir by Layla Brown

Miles O'Brien by Tiger White


B'Elanna Torres by Sandy Adams

Captain Janeway by Tiger White


Updated 1/5/03:
Trip Tucker Computer Art by Julia Almeida

Enterprise Wallpaper by Trish Bennett


Cardassians by Sandy Adams

Fun Stuff

The Official Tribbles & Other Stuff Quiz by Layla Brown
Rated NC-17 (just to be on the safe side!)

The U.S.S. Paragon

The continuing adventures of the U.S.S. Paragon, a ship and crew created specifically for the UFP Connection. Click here for a detailed history of ship and crew.

Command Decision by B. Delene Carter & Trish Bennett
The Paragon's adventure begins with a new captain and a great crew.

A Silent Cry by B. Delene Carter, with Kent Kass and Tiger White
A telepathic cry for help leads the crew of the Paragon to a terrifying discovery on the wrong side of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Captain's Day Off by Sandy Adams
Captain Robinson's leave is anything but restful when she finds herself in a close encounter of the "blue" kind. A humorous look at a day in the life of a starship captain.


Personal Sites:

- Trish Bennett's Fan Fiction
- Cyberkat's Lair (Sandy Adams)
- Josephine's Enterprise Universe
- A Scatter of Light (Trek Fan Fiction)
- Trip Tucker Photo Gallery

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- DS9 Fan Fiction Listing

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