Trish's Star Trek Limericks

Trish's Star Trek Limericks

by Trish Bennett

There was a young Captain named Kirk
Who took a great pride in his work
He's heroic and true,
yet compassionate, too
And those tight pants just drive me berserk!

by Trish Bennett

There once was a Captain from Earth
Who seemed destined for greatness from birth
The unrivaled James T.
Roams the vast galaxy
And defends it with all that he's worth

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What people are saying about this story:

From Jazzminna:
BRAVO! These are fantastic. Kirk's my favorite too. These are FAN-TAS-TIC-!

From Nenya Culariel:
Really rather funny, and you have a good sense of rhythm and rhyme. Nice! (Except the line about the pants, while true, is a bit odd for public consumption...)

From Leona-da-Quirm:
These are so funny, especially the first one. Plus, in a search for limericks on, they are the first of any of my fandoms to actually scan. Congratulations! :)