by Isla McMahon

The silver birds of Vulcan swoop and weave
Bright threads of light against the flame-red sky
My soul's uplifted as I watch their grace, and yet -
How could I be the one to let you die...   

The birds, the silver birds in random pattern
Wheel and soar as they fly ever high
I never thought to see such loveliness again -
I could not see, the day I let you die...

Their alien birdsong, charming, soothing me
I stand enthralled to hear their haunting cry
I shiver then, their captive audience -
I held Bones captive, as I let you die...

  I never loved another woman so
The world was ours, the earth, the stars, the sky
And yet your world was not the same as mine -
I had to act, I had to let you die...

  Words, mere words, my broken heart replies
My mind screams out a wild despairing "Why!"
I must look up and watch the silver birds -
Spock brought me here, to save my sanity...

  He saw the changes that your life would bring
He told me that I must my love deny
And now the world is as it was before -
Our time restored, the day I let you die... 

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