Are There?

by Barb Hinkel

As you sit at home in your soft little chair
Do you ever wonder what's really out there?

Are there real live people in warp-powered ships
Zooming through the stars on many a trip?

Are there heroes like Kirk, so brave and so true
Traveling the universe with a ship and good crew?

Could there be planets abound with aliens to behold
Like Vulcans and Klingons and Romulans untold?

Is there anyone out there besides you and me?
Or are we alone with nothing to see?

With no imagination, nothing could be.
But Gene had the power, I hope you agree.

The power to create, the power to dream,
The Star Trek Universe is what it would seem.

So as you sit at home in your soft little chair
No need to wonder what's really out there.

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