U.S.S. Paragon

These are the continuing adventures of the U.S.S. PARAGON, a ship and crew created specifically for the UFP Connection. Below is a brief history of the ship and its crew.

PARAGON: A person or thing so excellent as to have no equal or match.

The Crew


PHYSICAL DATA: Human female, age 35, born on Earth. Brown hair, brown eyes. Rank: Captain.

MOTHER: Samantha MacLean (Deceased), former Starfleet Intelligence Agency.
FATHER: Kelly Robinson, Director & Chief Executive, Starfleet Intelligence Agency.

PERSONAL HISTORY: After the untimely death of her mother in the line of duty, Robinson's father encouraged her to pursue a career in Starfleet rather than follow their footsteps into the Intelligence Service.

Robinson graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy, and rose quickly to the rank of Lieutenant Commander while serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-D.

Though reluctant to leave the Enterprise when the offer of promotion was presented, she realized it would be the best way to advance her career. Robinson accepted the position of First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Paragon to gain the command experience that she lacked.

Her ultimate goal was eventually to return to the Enterprise in a command capacity someday. However, shortly after signing aboard the Paragon, she realized that the ship and crew were excellent, and the prospect of remaining with that ship began to have its own appeal.

Not long after her transfer, Robinson was promoted to Captain of the Paragon following the resignation of her former Captain, Kyle Owens.

PERSONALITY: Robinson is very serious about her work and her career goals. She is bound by Starfleet rules and regulations, but is not afraid to question authority when she feels the need.

Robinson has a sense of humor inherited from her father, and she enjoys a good poker game or lavish holodeck program when she is off-duty.

HOBBIES: Reading, poker, tennis.


PHYSICAL DATA: Human male, age 31, born on Titan (Earth Colony). Sandy brown hair, brown eyes. Rank: Commander.

MOTHER: Jessica Blake (Deceased), Former Starfleet Science Officer.
FATHER: Donald J. Garrick Sr., Federation Ambassador to Q'nos.
SIBLINGS: Donald (older brother), Captain, U.S.S. Pheonix; Christopher (older brother), Commander, Starbase 277; Robert (younger brother), Lieutenant, Position Classified.
SPOUSE: Jean Rogers-Garrick, Lieutenant, Starfleet Headquarters.
CHILDREN: Donald and Alan (twins), Age 10; Debbie, Age 6; John, Age 2.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Tim Garrick was born in Christopher's Landing, Titan. The son of a Federation Ambassador and a Starfleet Science Officer, a love of the Federation and a respect for all life was instilled in him at an early age. When he was growing up, he and his family moved from assignment to assignment, but his parents usually managed to be assigned in the same sector, so he was almost always house with both parents. When he was seven, his mother was killed in an attack on their transport by Venturi Raiders, but Tim and his siblings managed to escape.

Garrick never forgot that day. It haunted him for several years, but now he copes extremely well. The incident reinforced his desire to join Starfleet, and he was accepted into the Academy shortly after his 17th birthday. There he met Freshman Cadet Jean Rogers, and they married soon after graduation.

Jean requested and received permanent assignment to Starfleet Headquarters. Tim turned down a Starship post to enroll in the Starfleet College of Advanced Tactical Training on Earth.

After completing the course, he accepted the position of Special Operations Officer aboard the U.S.S. Excalibur. He served three years until it was destroyed by a renegade Ferengi Marauder. The ship was damaged beyond repair, and the Captain was killed. Garrick took command of the bridge, ordered all hands to escape pods, then set a collision course for the Ferengi ship. Just before impact, he was beamed aboard a shuttle and spared from death.

PERSONALITY: From his dry, sarcastic and witty nature, it sometimes seems that he treats everything as a joke. Anyone who knows him, however, knows that he takes it all very seriously. His strong sense of loyalty and friendship make him an asset to his ship.

HOBBIES: Poker, chess, holodeck programs, 19th and 20th century detective literature, Shakespeare, 20th and 21st century motion pictures, fencing, and collecting weaponry from around the galaxy.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Trained in many forms of fighting/defense, including Karate, Judo, Kung-Fu, Jujitsu, Tai-Chi, Mok-Bara, all Capellan forms of fighting, and Vulcan forms of defense. Garrick also has a photographic memory, is extremely agile, and has an extraordinary strength.


PHYSICAL DATA: Deltan female, age 27, born on Delta IV. Bald (a trait of her species) with hazel eyes. Rank: Lieutenant.

MOTHER: Parra, Chief of Neurosurgery, Seyann Medical Facility, Port of Seyann
FATHER: Delane, Port Operations, Starfleet -- Seyann Port Facility, Delta IV
SIBLINGS: Vareel (twin brother), Staff Nurse, U.S.S. Enterprise-D

PERSONAL HISTORY: Dariel decided at an early age that she wanted to join Starfleet. Fascinated by alien cultures, she longed for the chance to explore them and to interact with other peoples.

She began her training as a medical doctor, but switched to counseling when she discovered an affinity for the psychiatric/psychological fields. Her natural Deltan telepathic/empathic abilities make her an excellent therapist.

She enjoys serving aboard Starships because of the opportunities they present to indulge her passion for alien cultures, but she has no desire to pursue a command of her own.

PERSONALITY: Like all Deltans, she is naturally empathic/telepathic. This has given her a compassionate nature, and the inability to stand by while another suffers, if she can possibly help. Although friendly by inclination, she remains reserved in a non-Deltan society, always conscious of the vulnerability of "sexually immature" species. This has caused her to be somewhat lonely. She is diplomatic, soft-spoken, but confident in herself and her own abilities.

HOBBIES: Collecting artifacts from various worlds she has visited; music (plays a variety of different instruments, including the Vulcan harp); dance; sculpting.


PHYSICAL DATA: Human female, age 29, born on Vulcan. Dark brown hair, light green eyes. Rank: Lieutenant.

MOTHER: Ivonna-Lynn Auroras (Deceased)
FATHER: Dwight Auroras

PERSONAL HISTORY: Jacquelynn Ivonna Auroras was born on Vulcan. Her father was a medical technician aboard the U.S.S. Berlin, but left when Jacquelynn was born to raise her. Jacquelynn's mother had reached the rank of Commander when she died on the U.S.S. Horatio, which was destroyed in 2364.

Auroras developed the unusual power of empathy when she was eight years old. It wasn't until the age of 20 that she had also developed telepathy. Many of her Vulcan teachers believed her talents would fade away, but instead her powers grew stronger with the passing years. She is one of the few humans who can perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and Tal-Shaya.

Auroras served aboard the U.S.S. Aries for ten months, then was brought before a board of inquiry when she disobeyed a direct order from her Commanding Officer. When found guilty of reckless endangerment and abandoning her post during battle, only two choices were presented to her: a dishonorable discharge from Starfleet with no chance of reinstatement; or serving as an undercover operative on Romulus. Auroras chose the latter.

Getting back into Starfleet depended upon the success of each of her assigned tasks. After three years on Romulus proving her trustworthiness, Auroras was brought back into Starfleet. She was given the rank of Ensign and posted on Deep Space Four, where she served three years without incident.

PERSONALITY: Serious, for the most part; dark sense of humor.

HOBBIES: Rock climbing; chess

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Vulcan Nerve Pinch; Tal-Shaya; Empathic/Telepathic abilities.


PHYSICAL DATA: Antosian female, age 30, born on Antos IV. Brown hair, brown eyes. Rank: Lieutenant

MOTHER: Marann Mur, Missionary; currently helping the poverty-stricken on Nimbus III.
FATHER: Jamis Mur, Ambassador; currently the Antosian Government's liaison to the Federation Council.
SIBLINGS: Addaria Mur (sister), First Officer, U.S.S. Renaissance; Nasaearic Mur (brother), Student, Vulcan Science Academy

PERSONAL HISTORY: At a very young age, Diania was found to be highly intelligent. She entered the Antosian School of Psychology and received her degree in only three years. She then transferred to Starfleet Medical, and graduated with honors.

After completing Medical school, Diania was assigned to Starbase 181, where she served under Dr. Harlan Payne. Payne now serves with her sister aboard the Renaissance.

Impressed with her performance, Dr. Payne recommended Diania to serve aboard the science vessel U.S.S. Anodyne to help re-colonize Scalos. She served for five years on the project before transferring to the Federation colony on Deneva to help with quarantine procedures.

She prefers life aboard a starship, however, and requested a transfer after a year on Deneva. Her parents have divorced, and Diania rarely visits either of them.

PERSONALITY: Diania is very serious-minded. Like most Antosians, she practices Vulcan philosophy. Her tolerance to lying is non-existent, and she will argue a subject that she feels strongly about.

In her entire Starfleet career, she has only engaged her shape-shifting abilities once. It is a talent she does not talk about nor wish to practice openly.

HOBBIES: Reading; playing chess; swimming; fencing.

NOTATIONS: Disciplinary mark filed by Chief Medical Officer on Deneva planet, Dr. Cyrus Jurn. Dr. Diania Mur questioned and quarantined a high-ranking official. All charges were dismissed except failure to obey commanding officer when the official was found to be an alien entity sent to destroy Deneva.


PHYSICAL DATA: Bajoran male, age 32, born on Bajor. Black hair, brown eyes. Rank: Lieutenant JG

MOTHER: Tellim Gredit (deceased)
FATHER: Tellim Lenlin (deceased)
SIBLINGS: Tellim Korang (status unknown)

PERSONAL HISTORY: Kuvall grew up during the brutal Cardassian occupation of Bajor. His parents were members of a resistance cell. They taught Kuvall and his brother, Korang, how to use phasers as soon as they were old enough to walk.

At age 13, Kuvall and his family were involved in a disastrous early attempt to liberate the infamous Gallitep labor camp. 400 Bajorans, including Kuvall's parents, died in this effort. After this horrible fiasco, Kuvall and his brother stole a Cardassian ore shuttle and fled to the Federation. Both boys soon entered Starfleet Academy. Korang dropped out, but Kuvall graduated and has served well in various assignments.

PERSONALITY: Kuvall is somewhat driven and tries to bury his painful past by burying himself in his work. He often has to be ordered to take shore leave. He is reclusive and usually spends his off-duty time alone on the holodeck or in his quarters. However, he will usually accept an invitation to join a gathering of his fellow officers.

Like most Bajorans, Tellim has no love for Cardassians. However, this seldom interferes with the performance of his duties.

HOBBIES: Old Earth movies, reading, drawing, constructing model space vessels.


PHYSICAL DATA: Human male, age 25, born on Magna Roma. Brown hair, brown eyes. Rank: Lieutenant.

MOTHER: Gereta Kift (daughter of the Cultural Attache of Betazed)
FATHER: Marcus Volcinius Appius, Senator from the Province of Rome, city of Rome

PERSONAL HISTORY: Gaius Aldus Appius descended from aristocracy. However, Gaius is never fond of his title. At an early age, a small portion of his telepathic abilities surfaced (limited empathic abilities and telekenesis).

While attending the Roman Republic War School, Gaius excelled in the short sword, javelin, and chariot. In Starfleet Academy, he excelled in phaser marksmanship and piloting skills.

When posted on the Antonius, he thought he had found his niche. When attacked by Romulan ships, Gaius was on duty in the forward torpedo room. Although his ship had already sustained massive damage, he managed to destroy the Romulan cruiser Talur by using the planet Tarod X's gravitational pull to "slingshot" five photon torpedoes at the Talur. After the Romulan ship was destroyed, Appius managed to get the Chief Engineer and many of the engineering staff to life pods. He then piloted the life pods to safety using the dead hulk of the U.S.S. Antonius as cover. The warbird Velock destroyed the rest of Antonius. He led his crewmates to the Southern magnetic pole of Tarod X to hide until rescued by the Federation starship Syracruse.

Appius returned to Magna Roma after the destruction of the Antonius. He became a Senatorial Assistant until he was forced to leave because of a duel with the son of the Governor of Trace. Although Appius did not kill the Governor's son, he did leave him an invalid. Appius decided to return to Starfleet.

PERSONALITY: Gaius is a typical Magna Roman. He is very devout to his duty as a Starfleet officer and as a Roman. He is likeable, but can be extremely violent when attacked or when having his honor insulted.

The Ship

"Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and we shall find the way."

1. Triumph
2. Rebellion
3. Glory
4. Concord
5. Okavango
6. Volgo



The U.S.S. Paragon was originally commissioned on Stardate 9512.20. Due to several design flaws, it was forced to remain at Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, Mars, for an additional two months. During this two-month period, it was decided that the Paragon should be equipped with an upper weapons array instead of a sensor pod. This weapons array is scheduled to remain attached to the ship for at least a year.

The Paragon is one of the first Nebula-class ships that has landing capabilities. The landing struts have been tested extensively on several planetary surfaces. The Paragon is the first Nebula-class ship to use the new landing struts for mission-related functions.

Crew Compliment: 1,177. Ability to support up to 4,000 non-crew personnel for mission-related operations.


- Sustainable cruise velocity of Warp 9.3. Ability to maintain speeds of up to Warp 9.6 for periods up to 12 hours.

- Secondary (impulse) propulsion system to provide sublight velocities up to and including 0.92 lightspeed.


- Defensive shielding systems to exceed 7.3 x 10 to the 5th power kW primary energy dissipation rate. All tactical shielding to have full redundancy, with auxiliary system able to provide 65% of primary rating.

- Tactical systems to include full array of Type X phaser bank elements on both primary and stardrive sections capable of 5.1 MW maximum single emitter output. Two forward photon torpedo launchers, one aft launcher, and two weapons pod launchers.


01 - Bridge; Captain's Ready Room; Observation Lounge
02 - Junior Officer's Quarters
03 - Junior Officer's Quarters; Bio-Neural Gelpack Access
04 - Main Shuttle Bay; Cargo Bays
05 - Science Labs; Upper Phaser Array Access
06 - Transporter Rooms 1-4; Science Labs
07 - Residential Apartments
08 - Residential Apartments; Captain's Quarters
09 - Residential Apartments
10 - Ten-Forward Lounge; Computer Core; Escape Pods
11 - Holodecks; Residential Apartments
12 - Sickbay; Medical Labs; Gymnasium
13 - Living Quarters; Life Support; Bio-Neural Gelpack Access
14 - Residential Apartments; Lower Phaser Array
15 - Maintenance
16 - Captain's Yacht Docking Port


07 - Emergency Batteries; Phaser Bank Systems
08 - Life Support
09 - Science Labs
10 - Shuttle Bays 2 and 3
11 - Shuttle Bay Support; Personnel Transporters 5-6
12 - Maintenance
13 - Science Labs
14 - Living Quarters; Bio-Neural Gelpack Access
15 - Living Quarters
16 - Living Quarters
17 - Living Quarters
18 - Engineering Support Labs
19 - Forward Photon Torpedo Launcher; Dorsal Docking Port
20 - Power Distribution
21 - Impulse Engines
22 - Engineering Support; Bio-Neural Gelpack Access
23 - Deuterium Fuel Storage; Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports
24 - Deuterium Fuel Storage
25 - Deuterium Fuel Injectors
26 - Environmental Support; Brig
27 - Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher
28 - Main Engineering
29 - Environmental Support; Waste Management
30 - Antimatter Storage; Antimatter Injection Reactors
31 - Antimatter Storage Pods
32 - Landing Strut Access


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