Dear Spock

by Barb Hinkel

You sit in your chair at the Captain's right arm
Always at the ready to keep all from harm.

When Kirk does call, you'll always defend
The man you call Captain, and your best friend

Half Human, half Vulcan...which do you choose?
Your logic is best, so no one can lose.

Every lady loves those sleek Vulcan ears
But only Nurse Chapel will shed you a tear.

What does it mean when your eyebrow is raised?
With the great "Stone Face", we're always amazed.

Without you on board, we'd miss you, Dear Spock,
For everyone knows you're steady as a rock.

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What people are saying about this poem:
Hannah from Oldland Common:

Mark Martin from Massachusetts:
This is a really cool poem! It brings back so many memories of Mr.Spock, his Vulcan ways, his "Stone Face" - ha ha - that's a good one! He does look like a "stone face" doesn't he! The color artwork is very pretty too - is it for "gay"? A lot of rainbow things mean gay now.

When I came to your page I was afraid it was going to be another one of those rude stories where Spock and Kirk have male homosexual relations, I was so pleased when it was just good clean poetry!

I saw Leonard Nimoy live in Birmingham Alabama one time. This was right after he had gone back to being Spock, after he wrote I am not Spock, then I am Spock - something like that. I wrote him a poem. I was too shy to give it to him, but I still remember it:

--- I am not SPOCK either
(But I wish I was)
by Mark Martin

SPOCK to the rescue!
SPOCK saves the day!
Not through vicious fighting
But in a logical way.
Why can't we all be like SPOCK?
Why can't humans learn?
Vulcans are more peaceful
So rigid and stern.
But in a loving way
their hardness brings love.
Swelling, growing, filling
like a hand in a waiting glove.
I wish SPOCK could fill us all
with Vulcan spirit and serenity.
Fill our aching void
immediately and for all eternity!

Well, I'm not a real poet, but I thought it was pretty good. I can still remember every word, just like it was yesterday. That is the power of poetry! Thank you for sharing your vision and brightening my world!