by Isla McMahon

I dreamt that on some new-discovered star
I lay in fire and smouldering dust debris
My body spent, in alien battle crushed
And then a low voice whispered,
"Be with me."

My failing eyes I opened, forcing sight
To pierce the acrid, suffocating sea
Of smoke and ash that eddied all around
Again I heard him whisper,
"Be with me."

My racing heart sent back an answering call
I'd die alone I knew was Fate's decree
I made to raise my head and there I saw
A shadow, Spock, my t'hy'la
"Come to me."

  He knelt and gently took my bleeding hand
I closed my eyes, my fears by love set free
I knew I would not die in this dark place
No, not alone.   He whispered,
"Be with me."

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