Trip Tucker Computer Art

Trip Tucker/Connor Trinneer Computer Art
by Julia Almeida

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Enterprise Artwork:

What people are saying about this artwork:

bridgette from ocean city:
hi I am a bigfan of to trip tucker. pleace get more pix of trip tucker

Vikki Cox from England:
Just beautiful, Julia! I have never got over the lovely images you did for my stories. I like the Hawaiian shirt one with the beach best. My Archer would definately approve!!

Shadowesque from Pennsylvania, USA:
WOW! How do you do it? This is great! Especially, in my opinion, the Malcolm one, but that's just because he's my fave character... But these are all really good! Keep it up! ;)

bridgette from ocean city nj:
I love the trip tucker pix plase get new one

Aimz from New Zealand:
Julia, as always these are wonderful - you truly are talented! I can't wait to see some more from you soon :) I think my fave is the opening picture too, I like the way he is laying on the should be very proud.

Nancy White from Kentucky:
Excellent photos - you are very tallented Julia.

Karen from Dalton, MA
Julia, as always a great job. I love the picture of Porthos. Keep up the great work!

Col from Stoke-on-Trent, England:
Some really nice work here. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you could design me a season 3 one... Think you know what I mean. Well done, these are some of the BEST fan pieces I have seen in a while. Hope to see more from you. Ever thought of expanding your horizons to include all the cast as individual pages/pieces?

Bear from Los Angeles, CA:
Julia, I must admit after viewing this splendiferous collection you have assembled so nicely...... it really is a TRIP indeed....... keep up the creative work...........

SueC from Shropshire UK:
Some lovely stuff here, Julia. I particularly like the one with the red planet in the background, and the one with Connor in front of trees, in his hideous shirt.

Dodo from England:
You are really talented, Julia! I love the new pix you have done with Connor on one side and Trip on the other!!! More please!!!

Dragoncait from NYC
Julia, these are really great. I especially love the Enterprise series and Trip with M100. Thanks!

Rae from Elgin, Scotland:
These are absolutely fantastic, my favourite is red planet one as well. He looks so dashing and sexy.

Phyllis from Florida:
Jules, this site is definitely a labor of love! I adore the opening pic where Trip is laying his head on the world. They are all beautiful works of art.

Jeanette from England:
These are great, really good. I love the one with the red planet behind him and the one next to it on the right, it really emphasizes his gorgeous features. The postage stamp one is excellent also - you should be really pround of yourself. Well done - fantastic artwork.

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