by Barb Hinkel

The new kid on the block, Rick Berman's new chore
Is Star Trek Voyager -- again there's more?

A new ship that's grand and so very sleek
For 70,000 light years, it should be unique.

With Janeway in charge, first lady in command
"Don't call me Sir," as the Captain demands.

Tuvok has logic to show us the way.
Chakotay's spirit guide will keep him at bay.

Now there's Kim, the rookie, and Paris with style
Between these two guys, the girls run wild.

The one who spends time making the ship run smooth
Is Torres in Engineering -- who else could we choose?

Neelix and Kes, the ship's turtle doves,
Together they'll stand 'cause they're so much in love.

Of course, there's the Doctor, who'll put on a show,
When no one's in charge, "I'm the last one to know!"

When two peoples unite in a common good
They'll find a way home as only Starfleet could.

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