Doctor, Doctor

by Barb Hinkel

The one who dares boss the Captain around
Is the Chief Medical Officer, who else could be found?

First we have Boyce, a Doctor unknown
A friend for Chris Pike so he won't be alone

Then we have Piper. Who is that, you say?
The old starship Doctor who's faded away

Now you see McCoy, "He's dead, Jim" is his call
The best country Doctor who's famous to all

Of course there's the ladies, Beverly and Kate
One loves Picard, the other's shown the gate

Next is Bashir, James Bond of Station 9
A ladies man to Dax, if she only had time

And last is "The Doctor" who yearns for a name
Everyone who tries has made it a game

From the old to the new, no matter who you meet
You're in good hands with the Doctors of the Fleet

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