by Barb Hinkel

Khan, Khan, tell me true,
Why did you make the Captain blue?

He pulled you from sleep to be your friend,
Why did you make the man defend?

He gave you a party to welcome you back,
Why did you give him so much flak?

He sent you a lady of beauty and brains,
Why did you cause him so much pain?

Come on, Khan, and tell me right,
Why did you want the Captain to fight?

Well, Kirk got mad and sent you away,
But still you made him rue the day.

Fifteen years later, you were at it again,
But the good Admiral Kirk won out in the end.

So tell me, Khan, and tell me true,
Aren't you sorry you made the Captain blue?

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Jo from Brazil:
I'm from Brazil, and I found this very fascinating! :-)


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