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Belt Parkway merges with BQE in Bay Ridge
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

almost there
  The Belt Pkwy comes to an end, or is just beginning, depending on your point of view. The elevated highway it's merging with was actually the latecomer here. The original route built in the 1940's was all parkway. The Gowanus section of todays BQE, was just the northwestern tip of the Belt Parkway circumferential system. We know today that the master builder behind these roads, Robert Moses, intended to eventually convert the Gowanus into a full fledged expressway, but it began life wrapped in the illusion that it was a bucolic tree-soaked parkway, despite being a hideously ugly, dark, noisy, disruptive and somewhat destructive neighbor to the good denizens of the Sunset Park neighborhood.
  The callous manner in which the Gowanus, as this section of the BQE continues to be regularly referred to, was rammed through this neighborhood, was a profitable dress rehursal for the bludgeoning that took place in the 1950's as the Cross Bronx was bulled through the Unionport and Tremont neighborhoods. Shot 1/99.

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