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BQE from 69th Street in Woodside
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

south from 69th st
Two views from the strange 69th Street overpass. The top view looks south towards Woodside Avenue, the bottom view looks north to 70th Street. A little veggie patch has been planted in the triangle formed by the less than parallel alignment of 69th Street to it's bridge. The north side of the overpass also has a little garden. The multi-family dwelling on Woodside Ave, to the west of the expressway, is typical of such structures built throughout Queens in the 60's. 

north from 69th street
  The northbound lanes of the BQE prepare for the Roosevelt Ave exit. The little blue sign attached to the overhead directional, means a hospital is near the exit. That would be the notorious Elmhurst General Medical Center. Notice how hospitals are never called hospitals anymore. They are "Medical Centers", as if eliminating the word hospital will hide the fact that there are sick and dying people lying there. Or is it that the administrators all want to pretend they're Chad Everett? Elmhurst General has the reputation of sending unfortunate visitors away filled with germs. One gets the feeling, after visiting there, that one may end up having to return there soon after, not as a visitor. Perhaps the rap is undeserved, but nobody I know who's ever had to spend time there, patient or visitor, has a good word to say about the place.
Shot in the spring 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.