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BQE Southbound over the Koskiosko Bridge
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

BQE Southobund over the Koskiosko Bridge
 The southbound BQE approaches center span of the Koskiosko Bridge, crossing the Newton Creek sparating Maspeth, Queens from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The gas tanks peeking out behind the bridge are similar to the tanks known as "The Elmhurst Tanks", that used to serve as a constant traffic report landmark on the Long Island Expwy. These tanks, however, never received the same fame, despite their visibility, because the Koskiosko Bridge itself is THEE landmark here.
approaching exit 34
 The tanks get another shot at recognition after the bridge's center span is passed, but again they find themselves upended, this time by an exit who's twin-billed destinations formed a catchy combo that radio traffic reporters apparently find irresistable. Exit 34 is for Meeker and Morgan Avenues, Meeker essentially becoming the BQE's service road throughout the Greenpoint section. The exit itself is probably not even noticed by most drivers passing it, but is drilled into the subconscience of untold millions of radio news listeners as "Meeker-Morgan", as most newstations blare the latest traffic conditions on this section of the oft-jammed BQE, up to 6 times an hour during the week.
 As the BQE curves its way down from the Koskiosko towards exit 34, the lower Manhattan skyline comes into full view. Just behind the second braced "Bigloop" lamppost lining the southbound lanes, the Brooklyn tower of the Williamsburgh Bridge can be glimpsed. Anheuser Busch has a lockhold on the best billboard spot. The presence of beer advertising to tons of high speed motorists is kind of ironic, given the new policy in NYC of confiscating the vehicles of ANYONE stopped for the DWI. This ad is not aimed at homebound traffic either, where the tempted driver can kick back with a sixer at home and not have to navigate another trip until the next day. It's aimed at drivers who, for the most part, are headed in a direction from where they will have to return, possibly within a few hours or less. Even if they will be at their destination long enough to buy a few Buds, get drunk, and sober up again before returning home, chances are that destination is their job. That would do wonders for the productivity and workplace safety of such tipplers. Is it intentional placement on Busch's part, or that of their media buyer? Maybe I'm making more of this than I should, but all in all, it would seem more politic for this ad to face the mostly homebound north traffic instead. Shot 2/99.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.