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BQE north towards LIRR in Woodside
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

view from over southbound lanes
Two views of the Long Island Railroad crossing, between Queens Blvd and Woodside Avenue. The ramp on the left heads straight into the Queens Blvd westbound service lanes. I waited so long for a train to pass by, hoping to include one in the shot. Naturally I got impatient and snapped these two shots, just moments before a train finally sped by.

view from over northbound lanes
 Slightly different view over the northbound lanes. One of several rusty, surviving, original late 50's hex poles graces the center median. Chances are they will all go byebye when reconstruction of the Woodside-Jackson Heights-Astoria section commences as scheduled in 1999.The pole actually has a little green sign, ala side street corners, telling you that you are on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, assuming you're stupid enough to turn your attention away from the traffic in front of you, to look at it. For the benefit of the very people who would do such a thing, those little yellow barrels were placed in front of the exit retaining wall, just before the overpass, on the southbound side.
Incidently, that is not a belly button near the bottom of the center overpass support. It once held an amber warning light, alerting motorists in a haze, or a daze, that said support was indeed where it was. It's usefullness kind of evaporated, once the flimsy original center median guardrails were replaced in the 70's with the heavy, tapered concrete dividers. You will see such blinded support lights on most old overpasses.
Shot in the spring 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.