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BQE South from 65th Place in Woodside
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

BQE South at 65th St in Woodside

The BQE has just emerged from the open cut Woodside/Jackson Heights section, on it's elevated way south towards the massive interchange with the Long Island Expwy in Maspeth. This elevated section was rebuilt in the mid 60's, in anticipation of the LIE interchange. It used to be an archaic little highway, with little Triboro-style lampposts and West Side Hwy construction. It was actually nothing more than the northern approach spur to the Queens Midtown Tunnel, later incorporated into the BQE complex. This section at 65th Pl. and Queens Blvd was the final piece of the BQE puzzle to be completed. It linked the old Midtown Tunnel approach with the old Triboro Bridge approach in Astoria. With it's many twists and turns, elevated and open cut sections and hybrid origins from several predessesor highways, the BQE is certainly one of the most interesting, if not the safest or most efficient, of NY's expressways. The ungenerous speed limit of 45mph gives away just how unsafe the city considers it to be and this on what is probably one of the safest, more modern stretches. Shot in the spring 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.