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BQE Gowanus Nearing the Prospect Expwy
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

wide view
 The Gowanus approaches the exit for the southbound Prospect Expressway, which was supposed to connect with the never-built Cross Brooklyn as part of the I-78 system. Nowadays the truncated Prospect meanders down to Church Avenue in Flatbush, as NY Route 27. Immediately after the exit, the Gowanus takes one of the BQE's many sharp curves, to the left, to hop aboard the Gowanus Creek Viaduct, heading for the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Plaza.
at prospect
 Upon reaching this section, the lampposts change from eliptical trussarms to braced uplifts. Up ahead on the viaduct, many of the right side uplifts were replaced with giant cyclopic fixtures durung reconstruction of the right lanes. The rusting overhead directional sign holder is a relic, most probably from the 50's, before the employment of the massive multi-trussed monsters that usually serve this purpose in NYC. Shot 1/99.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.