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BQE Northbound passing Battery Tunnel Plaza
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

approaching curve
 Two shots of the Brooklyn Queens northbound, coming down from the Gowanus viaduct and preparing to descend into the Carroll Gardens open cut ditch. The top view shows the northbounders about to swing around the sharp right curve, from which they will descend into the open cut shown in the bottom shot. Until a few years ago, southbounders put up with a similar 2 lane curve, but that section was completely rebuilt into a modern 3 lane, with a much more gradual curve. Sooner of later, I expect they do the same here. This is just one of several places where the BQE through lanes are more like exits than continuations. The leftmost lanes are heading down to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.
passing rapelye
 The sharp right curve descends, full of ruts and potholes, into the open cut which straddles the Carroll Gardens neighborhood. The underpass on the right is an entrance ramp from Hamilton Avenue, which runs beneath the Gowanus viaduct and passes over the creek on a drawbridge, which I've gotten stuck behind a few times. It would be fair to say someone ought to wash the walls. The southbound lanes are rising for their wide swing around the tunnel plaza, onto the Gowanus. The open cut runs almost to Atlantic Avenue, where the highway swings left, then right, onto the double decked Brooklyn Heights section. Shot 1/99.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.