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BQE beneath the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

southboundThe BQE is shown southbound, to the right and northbound, below, as it runs underneath the Brooklyn Heights Promenade overlooking the Brooklyn piers and Manhattan.
This section was carved through the area in the late 40's.
Despite the mostly north-south orientation of the highway, it is actually part of an east-west interstate, I-278, an extension of the primary I-78 east-west route, that starts in New Jersey. I-78 had a shortlived and disjointed existance within NYC, on both the never completed Clearview and Nassau Expressways.
I-278 pretty much runs from the Bronx, thru Staten Island, into New Jersey, via the BQE and Staten Island Expwys.
The electronic sign below indicates contruction ahead. Neverending construction delays are the bane of regular BQE inmates. Despite the seemingly endless work, the road always appears to be in disrepair. Top view was shot from the Columbia Heights overpass. The bottom view from the promenade, facing towards the overpass.
northbound view
  In the northeast bound view, the Watchtower complex of the Jehovah Witnesses dominates the background. The billboard hawks the coming of Godzilla. Both shot 5/1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.