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BQE Northbound in Carroll Gardens
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

at kane st
 The Brooklyn Queens passes through its Carroll Gardens open cut phase. The top view is approaching Kane Street and below is approaching Congress St. The right side of the highway (or at this point; lowway) is the gentrified brownstone oasis of Carroll Gardens. For those of you familiar with the F train subway line, that's the Bergen and Carroll Street stations. The neighborhood to the left is sort of, part of Red Hook. It was long neglected, but is now also gentrified. There's not much to it, because the piers are only a block away. Carroll Gardens was one of those old-line Italian neighborhoods, like Little Italy, West Greenwich Village, Gravesend and parts of Bensonhurst. It still retains much of the flavor of the old days.
Those who've seen the American Experience episode on PBS, about Robert Moses, may recognise this part of the BQE, shown during its construction on the show.
at congress
 The electronic sign warns people to use the outer roadways. What outer roadways? There's 3 lanes to choose from. That's it! Even if we were to designate each lane as a roadway, there's only one left lane. How many outer roadways could there possibly be? Incidently, traffic was clear on all 3 lanes and I still have no idea what this obviously drunk sign was babbling about. The building ahead is a relatively recent parking garage, serving the downtown civic center traffic. Just past the two green overhead directionals is Atlantic Avenue, which runs nonstop from here, well into Jamaica, Queens. This section of it contains alot of antique shops and rests atop a Long Island railroad tunnel that was abandoned for years, until it was "rediscovered" like some archaeological fossil some years back. Shot 1/99.

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