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BQE North approaching Roosevelt Ave
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

BQE North approaching Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Avenue looms in the background, with the IRT #7 Flushing line elevated sporting a car ad.The late spring greenary is growing lush in the midst of what would be a record breaking rainfall year. Immediately after passing under Roosevelt, the BQE makes it's last run towards both the Triboro Bridge and Grand Central Pkwy. That last section dates from the 30's and is chronically in horrible condition. Indeed, it is a nightmare to drive on even in the best condition, because it was so poorly designed.
Woodside has traditionally had a heavy Irish, German and Slavic ethnic makeup. Corona, one neighborhood away down Roosevelt Ave, has many South, Central and Mexican Americans. Jackson Heights, which we now enter, is an eclectic cross between the two, as diverse a neighborhood as one is likely to find anywhere on earth. A significant Gay community has taken root there, and many Indo-Pakistani, Chinese and Korean immigrants have made their homes here as well. Jackson Heights has actually become so trendy, that tourists are coming there to eat. Shot in the spring 1998.

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