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BQE overpass at Cadman Plaza Looking East
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

BQE overpass at Cadman Plaza in Looking East

 Cadman Plaza West heads east towards the Brooklyn courthouses and downtown Brooklyn City Center, unseen past the greenery up ahead.The upper deck of the cantelevered BQE heads under the Brooklyn Bridge approach, on the far left, on it's way to Queens. The lower deck heads southwest, towards the Verazzano Bridge and the Belt Pkwy, with a pitstop at the Battery Tunnel. The two old Whitestone pole-style directional signs bookending the overpass, continue to hang in there, despite the rust and fading. A number of them still survive on service road entrances to the highway in this area, although the green overheads, such as the one on the upper deck, long ago supplanted them on the highway. Shot in the spring 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.