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BQE Northbound Over Gowanus Viaduct
Photo Gallery: Brooklyn Queens Expwy.

curving onto the viaduct
 Three views of the BQE rumbling over the Gowanus Viaduct. The top view is at the interchange with the Prospect Expressway. Reconstruction has not transformed this section yet, but will likely do so within a few years. The southbound lanes split between the two expressways here.
To the left is the Red Hook neighborhood, a mixture of industrial and residential buildings. A large housing project, the Red Hook Houses, is just beyond the creek.
 Around the curve, we ascend the viaduct crossing the Gowanus Creek. The Bruno sign has long been a landmark for drivers. The Manhattan skyline peeks out over the background. Reconstruction of the right lanes coming in from the Prospect, resulted in the replacement of the braced uplift-masted poles there, with the cyclopic Thomas Betts interstate lamps on the tall poles. I expect that further reconstruction will result in the demise of the rest of the brace-armed poles.
 Upon descending the other side of the viaduct, traffic headed straight for the Battery Tunnel will split off from the BQE through traffic. Shot 1/99.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.