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The Department of World Justice Adventure Log.





1.     The Threat from Dimension 9                      (TCJB)            (Kama-Sutra)

2.     The Syndicate                                             (TCMJB)         (Syndicate)

3.     The Coven of Evil                                       (TCB)              (Coven)

(The Outlaw, The Crusader)

4.     Intro to Doctor Sinister                               (TCB)              (Dr. Sinister)

5.     The Power of SunTzu                                 (TCMB)          (Syndicate)

(The Crusader)

6.     Thermite Bomb & Asia Red                        (CM)        

(Thermite Bomb, Asia Red)

7.     The Plan of Kal Torak                                (TCJ)               (Kama-Sutra)

(Kal Torak)

8.     Shock Troops of Armageddon                    (CB)                (Armageddon)

(The Outlaw, Crusader)

9.     Cool FM - 66.6                                         (TC)                (Dr. Sinister)

End of 1996.

(Doctor Sinister)

10. The Return of the Kama-Sutra                    (TB)                 (Kama-Sutra)




11. Switzerland Assassination                           (TCMBJ)         (Coven)

(Thermite Bomb, Asia Red)

12. The Road to Tanis                                      (TCJB)            (Syndicate)

13. Intro to Doctor Cobalt                                (MB)                (Syndicate)

14. Fuel for the Armageddon                            (TCMJB)         (Armageddon)



15. Major Protection                                        (T)                   (Syndicate)

(The Outlaw, Nightmare)

16. The Sakeem Threat                                    (CMB)             (Sakeem)

(Cobra, Viper)


17. To Summon the Impossible                         (T)                   (Coven / Kama-Sutra)

(The Outlaw)

18. Dreamland Assassination                            (C)                   (Dream Warrior)

(Dream Warrior)


19. The Tanis Operation                                   (TCMJB)         (Syndicate)

(The Outlaw)

20. The Warlord & The Guardian                     (TC)                 (Kama-Sutra)

(The Warlord, Kal Torak, The Guardian, Trin, Zanthia)

21. “Take Hillary or Die!”                                 (CB)                (Coven)

(The Demoness, Trin)

22. District 15                                                  (TCMBJ)         (Coven)

23. Christianity Must Fall!!                                (TMB)             (Coven)

(The Demoness, Crusader)

24. Dream Warrior Returns                              (TC)                 (Dream Warrior)

End of 1997

(Dream Warrior)




25. Doctor Cobalt & The Shadowman              (TCMB)           (Syndicate)

26. Audience with the Emporer                         (TCB)              (Coven)

(The Searcher)

27. Invisible Money                                          (TCMB)           (Syndicate)

(The Searcher, Outlaw)

28. Attack of the Sumo Men                             (TCMB)           (Syndicate)

(Trin, The Searcher, Langolier)

29. Takeover of the D.W.J Building                  (TC)                 (Kama-Sutra)

(Outlaw, Kal Torak)

30. Chinese Checkers                                       (TC)


31. Release of The Clone                                  (TCMB)           (Kama-Sutra)

(Kal Torak, Outlaw)

32. The Cloud                                                  (TCB)              (Syndicate)

33. Super Processor                                         (TCB)              (Armageddon)

34. Teachings of The Cho Lynn                        (TCB)              (Coven)

35. The Last Nightmare                                    (TM)                (Nightmare)


36. The Engineer of Destruction                        (TCMB)           (Crusader)

End of 1998

(The Crusader, Demoness)




37. Attack of the 100 foot Ape                         (TM)                (Dr. Sinister)

(Dr. Sinister)

38. In search of The Temptress                         (TCMB)           (Coven)

39. Metal & Ivory                                            (TC)                 (Armageddon)

(Trin, The Temptress)

40. The Devil’s Chandelier                                (TCMD)          (Coven)

(The Demoness)

41. Diamond Grave                                          (BCMD)          (Syndicate)


42. The Crystal of Souls                                   (CMB)             (Coven)

(The Demoness)

43. The Unknown Jungle                                  (TMB)             (Sakeem)

(Viper, Cobra)

44. Traders of Death                                        (TMB)             (Syndicate)

(The Searcher)

45. Witness the Emissary                                  (TCMJB)         (Kama-Sutra)

(Trin, Zanthia, Temptress)

46. The Crimson Portal                                     (TMB)             (Sakeem)

(Trin, Outlaw, Cobra, Viper, Kal Torak)

47. The Marshal Commeth                               (TCMB)           (TAG)

(The Searcher)

48. The Armageddon Setup                              (CMB)             (Armageddon)

(The Demoness, Trin, Zanthia)


End of 1999



49. Annialation Nation                                      (TCMB)           (Sakeem)

(Trin, Outlaw, Cobra)

All these missions all took place in the course of one night, as the members of the D.W.J. all slept.


This is also the official, non-official first mini-series.

50. The Controller of Time                           (CMB)             (Crusader)

(Trin, Outlaw, Searcher*, The Crusader)

51. Coven Takeover                                       (CMB)             (Coven)

(Trin, Zanthia, Searcher*, Outlaw, Demoness)

52. The Wanted Guardian                             (CMB)             (Kama-Sutra)

(Trin, Zanthia, Searcher*, Kal Torak)

53. Spectacle of the Valkyries                       (TCMB)

(Zanthia, Searcher*, Valkyries)

54. The Armageddon Factor                         (CB)                (Armageddon)


55. Nightmare Revelation                             (TCMB)          (Dream Warrior)

(Searcher*, Searcher, Dream Warrior, Outlaw)

56. The Grue                                                    (TCMB)           (Kama-Sutra)

(Trin, The Searcher, Zanthia, Kal Torak)

57. Twilight Adventure                                      (TCB)              (Mantissa)

(Trin, Zanthia)


Department of World Justice Mini-Series #2


When Realities Collide.


58. Operation: Transdimensional Doorway        (TMB)

(Trin, Zanthia, The Searcher, Armageddon)


The year 2000 clicks over sometime in here, but the DWJ weren’t around for it as they were in another dimension fighting the Armageddon.

59. Red Moon                                                  (TMB)

(Trin, RAD)


60. Sun City                                                     (TCMB)

(Trin, GAPP, Super Batler, Pinhead, Ghallager Black)


61. The Washington Encounter                         (TCMB)

(Trin, Bounty Hunters, Maureen, Image, The Solution)


62. Fallen Angel                                               (TCMB)

(Trin, San Futuro, Averil Cavilier)





63. Vacation #1

64. Vacation #2

65. Nuclear Syndicate                                      (CMJB)           (Syndicate)

Begin of year 2001

(Trin, Searcher, Averil)


66. Enter the C.P.U.                                         (TCMJB)         (Dr. Sinister)

(Trin, Averil, Dr. Sinister)

67. The Gorgon Project                                    (TCMB)           (Sakeem)

(Trin, Averil, Searcher)

68. Kama-Sutrian Mission Training                   (Magnus, Shadow, Snake Eyes, Bishop,

69. Kama-Sutrian Mission Training                   Zanthia, Trin, Outlaw)

70. Kama-Sutrian Mission Training

71. Kama Sutrian Mission Training

72. Scouting Assignment                                   (CMB)             (Kama-Sutra)

(Zanthia, Trin, Outlaw)

73. Coven Espionage                                        (CMB)             (Coven)

Trin Pregnant with her first child.

(Averil, Citizen X, Cat, Domino)

74. Mirror Images                                            (TCMB)           (Mantissa)

(Averil, Zanthia, Zanthia*, Outlaw, Outlaw*, Searcher)

75. Russian Transport                                       (TCMLB)        (Syndicate)

(Trin, Searcher)

76. Visitors from the Past                                  (CMLB)           (TAG & Crusader)

(Vanguard, Hericane, Trin, Crusader, Yin)

77. Nazi Invasion                                              (TCMLB)        (Syndicate)

Begin of year 2002

(Langolier, Trin)


78. The Sandcrawler Project                            (TCLMB)        (Sakeem)

(Cobra, Trin, Averil)

79. Castro’s Heroes                                         (TCLMB)        (Coven)

(Miss Infinity, Rita)

80. The Prime Agenda                                      (CMLB)           (Kama-Sutra & Coven)

(Trin, Zanthia, Monique, Demoness)

81. Valkyrie Mayhem                                       (TCM)             (Armageddon)

Dragon is born.

(Averil, Citizen X, Domino)

82. The W.E.A.T.H.E.R. Satellite                     (TCM)             (Kama-Sutra)

(Averil, Searcher, Miss Infinity, Trin, Outlaw, The Vanguard, Kal Torak)

83. Vacation #3.

84. Vacation #4.

85. Sinister Desires                                           (TCM)             (Dr. Sinister)

(Averil, Miss Infinity, Dr. Sinister, Bruno, Bunny)

86. Technological Journeys                               (TCMB)

Trin is pregnant with her second child.

(Trin, Searcher, Averil, Violet, Tyreen)

87. Triple Cross                                               (CMJB)           (Coven & Crusader)

(Miss Infinity, Crusader, Joan Dark)

88. After the Prize                                            (CMJB)           (Syndicate, Sakeem, TAG)

(Magnesium, Yin, Cobra, Viper)

89. Intrigue on Fox Island                                 (CMB)             (Syndicate)

Begin of year 2003

(Searcher, Veractor, Hericane)


90. Misty Night                                                (CMJB)           (Coven)


91. The Road of Exploration                             (CMJ)

(Averil, Violet, Zanthia, Tyreen)

92. Outlaws & Heroes                                      (CMJB)           (Crusader)

(Magnesium, Outlaw, Vanguard, Crusader)

93. Assistant Hostage                                       (CMJB)           (Sakeem)


94. The Dawning of Electra                               (CMJB)           (Coven)

(Averil, Demoness)

95. Dr. Grey – “As the Satellite Turns”              (TCMJB)

Justine is born.

(Trin, Averil, Searcher, Dr. Grey)

96. Psionics of Solus Eternal                             (CMJ)              (Kama-Sutra)

(Trin, Averil, Magnesium, Jhessil, Lt. Mori, Hex, Ben, Jicia)

97. Organ Donor                                              (CMJB)           (Syndicate)

(Hericane, Vendetta)

98. Armageddon Research                               (TCMB)           (Armageddon)




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