Royal Hunt - Land of broken hearts 3/5

Reviewed: 8-19-05


1. Running wild
2. Easy rider
3. Flight
4. Age gone wild
5. Martial arts
6. One by one
7. Heart of the city
8. Land of broken hearts
9. Freeway jam
10. Kingdom dark
11. Stranded
12. Day in day out

Formed by keyboardist and songwriter André Andersen, Royal Hunt is a collection of top Danish musicians. Andersen is a classically trained keyboard player so you would expect the songwriting to go in that direction. To a large degree it does, but the songwriting also has more of a hard rock feel than you might expect given Andersen’s background.

There are some very good tracks on this CD where Anderson shows his songwriting skills and unlimited potential. Tracks such as "Flight”, “Land of broken hearts" and "Kingdom dark” are exceptional. Some of the others are not just a step below but 2 steps below, bordering on average, showing that Andersen does need to work somewhat on his sonwriting consistency. There are 2 excellent, short instrumentals on this CD also. Singer Henrik Brockmann has an effective scratchy voice, and the rest of the band is excellent.

This is a good CD and an even better CD for a debut. It shows a band that is good now and has the potential to be not only good, but great. The CD has more of a hard rock feel than you would expect, given Andersen’s background and the fact that he is the leader of the band and the keyboard player. This is partly because Brockmann has a very hard rock sounding voice, but the songwriting also leans in that direction. All things considered, this is a very successful debut CD.




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