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Requiem (Rus) - Renewed world 4/5

Reviewed: 9-7-07


1. No prohibitions
2. For the holy Russia
3. Jerusalem
4. Two angels
5. The old man
6. Golgotha
7. Four stone walls
8. Icy islands
9. The third planet from the sun
10. Renewed world

Though formed way back in 2000, it's taken Russian band Requiem until 2007 to release their first full-length debut 'Renewed world', but they've signed with the popular Metalism Records, a Russian label that's brought us releases from Holy Dragons, Alkonost and many others. So the band has gotten off to a late but promising start, as 'Renewed world' brings a lot to the table. The CD is in the traditional/heavy metal style of Aria and Iron Maiden, or think of a heavier Argir, and is a Russian-language CD (I've translated the tracklist).

To my knowledge, the band members are quite young, so it's a bit surprising the band is attempting to compete with long-running (and very experienced) traditional/heavy metal band Aria, but let me tell you, these guys are on par with some of Aria's best material. Though most of the songs are slow to mid-paced, the song variety/tempo is mixed up nicely, with a great deal of melody incorporated and the song structures are superb. There are some fine acoustic parts too, which are a unique and welcomed element. Sure, there aren't any ultra-fast songs and this is a decent distance from power metal, but if traditional metal is your thing, 'Renewed world' will impress in many areas.

One major plus with the CD is that I like every song. While most Aria CDs have a few songs that I just don't care for, this is enjoyable from start to finish. My favorite songs would be the memorable track 4 "Two angels" and the wonderful track 5 "The old man", which takes the listener on an emotional journey throughout slow then uplifting parts, reminding me of some of the best songs from Aria and Iron Maiden. Track 6 "Golgotha" and track 9 "The third planet from the sun" also stand out as they're somewhat fast, but as mentioned, there really aren't any truly speedy songs.

The final touch on the CD is the Aria-like vocals, which fit the traditional metal style perfectly and the Russian language is not overwhelming. In fact, if you've yet to experience a Russian-language CD and are a big fan of Iron Maiden, I recommend grabbing 'Renewed world' just as much as starting with one of Aria's CDs. Oh, and if you're already into Aria, this CD is an absolute no-brainer.




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