Requiem (Fin) - Requiem Forever 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-2-05


1. Possessed by power
2. Hold on
3. Shadowhunt
4. Violate
5. Painting the wind
6. Invincible enemy
7. Vindictive heart
8. The tower
9. Nightfall - Omnicida
10. Sleepless nights
11. Gods of war

Requiem’s first 2 CDs were brilliant, an amazing mix of melody, heaviness, progressiveness and creativity. ‘Requiem forever’ is a good CD in its own right, but doesn’t live up to the lofty standards the band’s first 2 CDs have set for it. There is a noticeable change in style; this new CD is heavier, less creative and the tracks are more straightforward with less progressiveness. Some listeners, of course, may prefer this sound, but it just lumps Requiem in with the crowd of more generic sounding bands than the ultra original band that they were with their first 2 CDs.

Make no mistake, this is still a good CD and there are some very strong tracks. Opening track “Possessed by power” is a strong track with a good melody, but the change in the band is obvious from the opening riff which features a run-of-the-mill heavy guitar riff as opposed to the wonderful atmospheric keyboards mixed with melodic guitar lines that Requiem delivered in the past. The 3rd track, “Shadowhunt” is the sole great track on ‘Requiem forever’. This is still a much more generic track than was found on the previous Requiem CDs, but it has such a stunningly powerful chorus that it is a true standout track. “Violate” is a good, thrashy track which sounds more like Iced Earth than Requiem. Although the next track, “Painting the wind” would be an average track on the previous CDs, it is noticeable here in that it gives a hint of the old sound with the guitar structures that open the track.

Unfortunately the CD really goes downhill from this point on. The next 4 tracks are merely average power metal and have no business being on a Requiem CD. The last 2 tracks pick the CD up again somewhat. “Sleepless nights” has a strong melody and a nice, haunting keyboard opening. This mixes into some melodic guitars as Requiem gets back to what they do best. “Gods of war” has some good, thrashy vocals (featuring a guest vocalist) and a strong instrumental piece right near the end.

Much to my dismay, a great band has seemingly lost its way and become merely good. It’s not a matter of pure quality, it’s a matter of style that the band has evidently made a conscious choice to change. Presumably to become more popular, their unique sound has been replaced by a more common sound that doesn’t do the band justice. There are still some good tracks to be found, the band is still as capable as ever and the singer still has a strong and exceptionally versatile voice. But the tracks are more generic, less interesting and the instrumental melodies are far less frequent. This is definitely a recommended CD, but a vast disappointment when compared to their previous work.




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