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Replosion - The resting place of illusion 3.5/5

Reviewed: 6-1-13


1. Intro
2. Resting place of illusion
3. Your shame
4. The unknown god
5. Starless night
6. Turn the page
7. Push me down
8. The fallen gates
9. Ice queen

Replosion is a new Italian progressive power metal band and 'The resting place of illusion' is their full-length debut, which was released in 2012. For those who have followed my reviews over the years, you're probably well aware that I have a soft spot for Italian progressive/power metal bands, especially regarding the amazing CDs that were coming out around the year 2000. Thankfully, Replosion's debut has elements that bring to mind some of my experiences with Italian progressive/power metal over the years, but it also contains some diversity and a good amount of freshness.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Fil Palmer, and he has a typical voice for an Italian progressive/power metal vocalist - with a slight accent, and although he's not as high-pitched as some of the other Italian vocalists out there, he's still near that range. Musically, the CD contains enough speed and is plenty heavy, though there are definitely songs that lean more to the progressive side than others. The production is great, and the songwriting is well done too. I like all of the songs and the CD is thoroughly enjoyable, so there's no doubt that this is a talented and promising band.

There are similarities to Vision Divine, Wonderland, Labyrinth, Concept, Secret Sphere, Night Cloud, Eyes of Soul, Helreid/Helreidh, Silver Lake and maybe DGM, but the best comparisons are probably Another Destiny Project and No Gravity, a few other new bands with all of the ingredients in place and a bright future. Since a bunch of Italian progressive/power metal bands died a decade ago, it's pleasing to discover new bands that can hopefully keep the Italian scene going for many years. Replosion is certainly capable, and 'The resting place of illusion' is surely recommended to those who are into the Italian progressive/power metal scene.




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