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Rising Sunset - Equinox 4/5

Reviewed: 8-1-12


1. Human frailty
2. Hidden voice
3. Immortal devotion
4. Crux sacra sit mihi lux
5. Opus VII
6. Journey into the woods
7. Emperor of the north
8. Parousia

Rising Sunset is my first experience with a band from the country Malta, which is a small group of islands south of Italy. The band was actually formed way back in 2001, but their first release (an EP titled 'Rhena') didn't occur until 2006, and it took another 6 years to complete this full-length debut 'Equinox', which was finally self-released in 2012.

The band's style is melodic power metal that's both lightly symphonic and somewhat folky, as a violin is present throughout the CD's entirety (from band member Oriella Casha). The vocals are provided by Christa Calamatta, whose voice is of the soprano and fairly operatic type, and she's truly wonderful. Her voice is layered at times (sounding like backing vocals), and that adds even more power to the vocals. I can easily say that she's one of the best female vocalists I've heard recently.

With the musical and vocal styles wrapped up into one, the comparisons that come to mind are Arya, Adrana, Overdream, Amberian Dawn, Dotma, Emerald Mind and Opus Doria, with some influences from Nightwish and Visions of Atlantis, but there's also a hint of Almora because of the violin. The CD's quality is quite high, and certainly competitive with these other bands. With the band taking over a decade to unveil this CD, they were obviously able to develope their songwriting skills, and that's what's heard from the songs, as they're all at least great and a few are magnificant highlights - track 2 "Hidden voice", track 4 "Crux sacra sit mihi lux" and track 7 "Emperor of the north"; all are extra-catchy and extremely memorable.

For me, spinning this CD is like my listening experiences of the band Amberian Dawn, as the CD has a smooth flow without a ton of all-out speed, though there is plenty of speed (bringing to mind other bands like Eternal Dream, Dawn of Destiny, Operatika and Wildpath), and the vocals are totally captivating. So this is an excellent CD and it's recommended to fans of female fronted melodic power metal, especially those who would enjoy the presence of a violin.




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