Royal Hunt - Clown in the mirror 4/5

Reviewed: 8-19-05


1. Intro
2. Wasted time
3. Ten to life
4. On the run
5. Clown in the mirror
6. Third stage
7. Bodyguard
8. Legion of the damned
9. Here today, gone tomorrow
10. Bad blood
11. Epilogue

Royal Hunt takes a huge step forward with this, their 2nd CD. André Anderson's songwriting is much more unique and more consistent on this CD. Whereas the debut CD had more of a straight ahead rock feel, Andersen’s classical influences are felt much stronger on this CD and you get the feeling that he is not only reaching his potential as a songwriter, but also stretching his boundries more.

This CD is full of really good tracks. The only exceptions, and these are still very solid songs, are "Bodyguard", "Here today, gone tomorrow", and "Bad blood". Everything else on this CD is superb from the title track ballad to slower, slightly country influenced tracks like “Ten to life” and the fantastic “Legion of the damned” to uptempo tracks “On the run” and the great final track “Epilogue”. Even the 2 instrumentals are unique and they stand out above the crowd of usual instrumentals.

Royal Hunt established itself as a great band with this CD. Anderson, who writes all the songs, emerges as a great songwriter and the band backs these songs up to perfection. The CD features excellent and unique songwriting and a very good band. Henrik Brockmann doesn’t have the best voice ever, but it has personality and is extremely effective with a little more of a rock feel than the typical metal singer. Although his voice is disliked in some circles, I like Brockmann a lot and think he adds something to this excellent CD.




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