Rock, Rob - Eyes of eternity 3/5

Reviewed: 7-25-03


1. Rock the earth
2. Stranglehold
3. Eyes of eternity
4. The everlasting
5. Rage of creation
6. Conqueror's hymn
7. Fields of fire
8. You know
9. The hour of dawn
10. Beautiful lady

I was a huge fan of 'Rage of creation', which to me was a mesmerizing example of what melodic metal used to be, when it was pure heavy metal, nothing else, but with a power and strength to its oh so sweet melodies. This was my genre before the European metal sound took over, and heck, it probably still is, it's just that there's very little of it left, and for all that I love the more dark and complex Cauldron Born and Destiny's End, or the great European metal bands out there, deep in my heart, this style of 80s metal blade power was at the heart of my metal love.

This CD continues that tradition (Hey, Roy Z is involved (produced, arranged, mixed, and played guitar), how could it really go wrong), and is quite awesome...but doesn't quite live up to or eclipse 'Rage of creation', unable to grab me as completely as that CD, but the style and quality is certainly similar enough for me to enjoy it. At times, Rob's vocals sound like they have a lot of backing vocals added into them on most of the choruses, I'm not sure that's quite as effective as a more stripped down version of his emotional voice on the prior solo work, but other than that this is a worthy addition to his legacy. "Hour of the dawn" is an awesome 12 minute epic track, which reminds me of when that used to be a very good thing.




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