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Past movies have included Westworld and Futureworld, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Squirm (attack of the killer worms), A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Vincent Price), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey vs. vampire), Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder), Flowers In the Attic, Running Man (Schwarzenegger), Night Of The Living Dead, Pulp Fiction, Dr. Who, The Horror Show: House 3, the Mike Myers comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer, Child's Play, Spawn (from Hell), Dick Tracy (Pacino, Madonna), Hitchcock films, Twilight Zone: The Movie, The People That Time Forgot (sequel to Land That Time Forgot), RoboCop 2 (Robo vs. the new, improved, merciless model), Duel (Dennis Weaver vs. a truck from the twilight zone), Hitchcock's The Birds (Joe Bob checked it out with MonsterVision guest Tippi Hedren), Point Break (undercover surfer FBI agents, MST3000's Mike checked it out), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (with Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom), Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers, James Bond 007 movies inc. Goldfinger and Casino Royale (1967, James Bond vs. Orson Welles), and Matt Helm movies inc. The Silencers (Victor Buono hijacks a nuclear ICBM in-flight)
                               July, 2007 

ALIEN RESURRECTION [R]·Action·1997·(1:49) Sigourney Weaver.
Two hundred years after her death, Ripley is brought back to
life by evil scientists who want to resurrect the alien that died
inside her. The fourth installment of the Alien series. 8/4.

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE [PG]·Fantasy·1986·(1:30)
Two hour-long episodes - "The Mission" and "Go To the Head
of the Class" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's anthology fantasy
series, "Amazing Stories." Featuring Kevin Costner, Keifer
Sutherland. 8/2,3.

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE II [TV14]·Fantasy·1986·(1:33)
Four episodes - "Santa", "The Wedding Ring", "Ghost Train"
and "The Doll" - from the anthology fantasy TV series,
"Amazing Stories." Direction by Steven Spielberg, featuring
Danny DeVito, Drew Barrymore, John Lithgow. 7/2,9,20,26.

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE III [TV14]·Fantasy·1986·(1:35)
Four episodes - "Mummy Daddy", "Family Dog" (from the
director of 'The Incredibles') "Remote Control Man", and "Guilt
Trip" - from the 80's anthology fantasy series "Amazing
Stories", created by Steven Spielberg. 7/5,17,27.

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE IV [TV14]·Fantasy·1986·(1:35)
Four episodes - "Life on Death Row", "Mirror Mirror", "The
Amazing Falsworth", and "Vanessa in the Garden" - from the
anthology fantasy series, "Amazing Stories." With Patrick
Swayze, Sam Waterston, Tim Robbins, Gregory Hines.

Four episodes - "The Sitter", "Grandpa's Ghost", "Dorothy and
Ben", and "Gershwin's Trunk" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's
anthology fantasy TV series, "Amazing Stories." With Seth
Green, Andrew McCarthy, Carrie Fisher. 8/1,5.

Four episodes - "The Main Attraction", "Gather Ye Acorns",
"You Gotta Believe Me", and "Lane Change" - from the 80's
anthology fantasy television series, "Amazing Stories." With
Kathy Bates, Forest Whitaker, Mark Hamill. 8/5.

THE AMBUSH MURDERS [TVG]·Drama·1982·(1:36)
A hardworking lawyer attempts to clear a black activist
wrongly convicted for murdering two policemen. 7/5,15,26.

ANGEL OF DEATH [R]·Thriller/Suspense·2002·(1:33)
A series of killing has Maria, a detective, on the path to find a
killer but also on the list to be killed. 7/9.

ARACHNOPHOBIA [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:49)
Expertly twisted story of a sleepy California town suddenly
overrun by killer spiders - and only the arachnid-phobic,
newly-arrived town doctor can save the day! Featuring John
Goodman as The Exterminator. 8/3.

ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1978·(1:37)
High school girl is terrorized by threatening notes and phone
calls, and ultimately attacked by someone she knows. Blythe
Danner. 7/6.

THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE [R]·Drama·1999·(1:49)
An astronaut returns from space after a near-fatal accident,
and though he seems himself, his wife senses that her
husband has changed in this sci-fi thriller. 8/1.

AUGUST FIRES [R]·Crime·1993·(1:32)
A prostitute hooks up with a policeman searching to find his
partner's killer - and the path leads them straight to
dangerous territory. How many will die before the truth is
revealed? 7/1,18.

THE BABYSITTER [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1980·(1:36)
Seemingly innocent and likable young woman manipulates
her way into the home of a couple with a 12-year-old
daughter. In a short time she exploits each member's needs
and vulnerabilities. 7/6,21.

THE BANK SHOT [PG]·Comedy·1974·(1:24)
Thieves try to steal an entire bank with house-moving
equipment. 7/2,6,11,20,26.

BARTON FINK [R]·Dark Comedy·1991·(1:57)
A serious Broadway playwright sweats out a B-movie script
in a Hollywood hotel. 7/4,17,25,30.

BATS [PG13]·Sci-Fi/Horror·1999·(1:31)
When a man-made virus leads bats to begin attacking
people, a specialist and her assistant are brought in to
destroy their nesting site before the problem escalates. 8/2.

THE BELIEVERS [R]·Horror·1987·(1:54)
New York police psychologist ties grusome murders to
sacrificial Santeria cult. 7/12,23.

BERLIN TUNNEL 21 [TVPG]·Drama·1981·(2:22)
A group of West Berliners attempt to rescue family and
friends from East Germany through a passage under the
Berlin wall. Nature and East German intelligence officers
threaten their plan. 7/8,13,17,20,30,8/3.

BETRAYED [R]·Drama·1988·(2:07)
An undercover FBI agent sent to infiltrate a anti-government
terrorist organization cannot believe that the main suspect is
the man she is falling in love with. A politically charged
thriller, with John Heard, John Maloney. 7/17.

THE BIRDS [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1963·(1:59)
Alfred Hitchcock's winged thriller about a small northern
California town and its mysterious battle with an increasingly
violent flock of feathered friends. 7/1,18,24,27.

BLADE [R]·Action·1998·(2:00) Wesley Snipes.
Straight from the comics - a half-man, half vampire becomes
a hunter bent on preventing an undead renegade from
unleashing an unholy bloodlust armageddon. With Kris
Kristofferson, Traci Lords. 6/30

BLOODY MAMA [R]·Crime·1970·(1:31)
Ma Barker and her four sons leave Ozark poverty for a life of
sadism, incest, murder, kidnapping and violence. Look for
Robert DeNiro in a small role. 7/31.

BLUE STEEL [R]·Crime·1990·(1:42)
A police rookie loses her badge, gains a boyfriend and hunts
a .44-caliber Magnum killer. Directed by Katheryn Bigelow.

BLUE VELVET [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(2:00)
A young man discovers a severed human ear in a field,
unlocking the dark secrets and introducing the bizarre
characters that inhabit his hometown. An unsettling
contemporary classic from director David Lynch ("Twin
Peaks"). 7/2,10,19,28.

BREAKING IN [R]·Comedy·1989·(1:34)
A professional thief (Burt Reynolds) takes a young novice
under his wing with comedic results. 7/14.

THE BROTHERS GRIMM [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:58)
The rollicking tale of two con-artist brothers who sell
protection from menacing spirits to gullible small towns - a
profitable business until they are faced with battling real evil
creatures in a haunted forest! 8/1.

BUDDY BOY [R]·Art House·1999·(1:46)
An introvert living in squalid conditions with his crazed
"mother" becomes unhinged after falling in love with his sexy
French neighbor. A creepy tale of voyeurism and madness.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
A high school cheerleader reluctantly accepts her destiny - 
she is her generation's warrior in the never-ending war against
vampires! Campy fun, with Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens.

CACHE [R]·Foreign·2005·(1:58)
A popular TV host and his family receive a series of videos
and disturbing drawings made by someone watching their
home - soon, dark, long-suppressed secrets are revealed in
this suspenseful, thought-provoking mystery. 7/11,15,19.

CASINO ROYALE [TVPG]·Comedy·1967·(2:11)
Retired secret agent Sir James Bond is coaxed back into
service to defeat the evil SMERSH operation by using multiple
James Bonds! An all-star cast in a manic 007 spoof: David
Niven, Woody Allen, Jacqueline Bisset, Orson Welles, more

CHARLIE'S ANGELS [TVPG]·Crime·1975·(1:14)
Three lovely private eyes find a missing corpse for their
unseen boss. 7/6,9.

CITY HALL [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1996·(1:52)
The New York mayor and his idealistic deputy cope with
scandal generated by a policeman's accidental shooting of a
black boy. 7/4,12,24.

CLASS ACTION [R]·Drama·1991·(1:49)
A flamboyant civil liberties attorney leading a class action
lawsuit against an auto manufacturer finally meets his
toughest legal opponent - his daughter, a lawyer for a major
San Francisco law firm. With Laurence Fishburne. 7/5,23,28.

CLOAK & DAGGER [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:41)
A dreamer is embroiled in murder and espionage-- but no one
believes him. 8/5.

CRIMINAL LAW [R]·Crime·1989·(1:54)
A lawyer successfully defends a wealthy psychopath, only to
realize he's still committing murders. 7/14,23.

CRIMSON TIDE [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:56)
A meglomaniacal captain helming a submarine carrying
enough atomic power to blow up the world is eager to jump
the gun and send the missiles. Co-produced by Jerry
Bruckheimer. 7/14,25.

CROUPIER [TVMA]·Art House·1998·(1:31)
Struggling British author gambles more than he realizes when
he accepts a job as a casino dealer. 8/1.

CROWNED AND DANGEROUS [TVPG]·Satire/Spoof·1997·(1:29)
Just before the big beauty pageant, a favored contestant is
murdered, and the suspects include a former lover, a rival
contestant and a stressed, obsessive stage mother in this
dark comic spoof. 8/3.

THE CRUCIBLE [PG13]·Drama·1996·(2:03)
A 17th-century Salem woman accuses an ex-lover's wife of
witchery, in an adaptation of the Arthur Miller play.

CRUEL AND UNUSUAL [R]·Crime·2001·(1:40)
Tom Berenger stars as a serial killer who charms his way in
to the lives of a sister and her younger brother. 7/2,8,18,25.

CRY FOR THE STRANGERS [TVPG]·Mystery·1982·(1:35)
Muddled mystery in a craggy Pacific coastal town. The plot
elements include ghosts, violent storms, and suspicious
death. Patrick Duffy. 7/5,9,17,28.

CUJO [R]·Horror·1983·(1:33)
A killer St. Bernard terrifies a mother and child trapped in
their car. From the Stephen King novel. 8/1,5.

CUL-DE-SAC [TV14]·Dark Comedy·1966·(1:40)
Wounded thugs invade a couple's home and hold them
hostage. Directed by Roman Polanski. 7/14,19.

DAMIEN: OMEN II [R]·Horror·1978·(1:47)
Sequel to The Omen; the anti-christ is now 13 years-old
and living with his wealthy relatives in Chicago. 7/23,27,8/5

The pulp private eye links murder, a movie mogul's wife and
red nail polish in 1940s Hollywood. 7/10,16,24.

DARK WATER [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:45)
Beautiful young mother, under intense stress from recent
divorce from belligerent husband, moves with her daughter
into run-down NYC building that takes on a mysterious life of
its own. 8/2.

DEAD AWAKE [R]·Mystery·2001·(1:38)
A corporate wunderkind with insomnia must clear himself
when he becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

DEADLY ILLUSION [R]·Crime·1987·(1:30)
A gumshoe is doublecrossed when he accepts an offer to
murder another man's wife. 7/16.

DEN OF LIONS [TVMA]·Action·2005·(1:43)
FBI agent goes undercover in Budapest to help the Bureau
and the Hungarian government infiltrate the operations of a
powerful Russian mafia kingpin. 7/17,21.

DERAILED [R]·Drama·2005·(1:47)
Two married people fall into an affair, but their first sexual
encounter is violently interrupted by a sociopathic criminal,
who later blackmails them - but is everything as it seems?
From the writer of "Collateral". 7/8,19,28.

DIARY OF A MADMAN [TVPG]·Horror·1963·(1:37)
A 19th-century judge is possessed by the ghost of the man he
killed. Starring Vincent Price. 8/2.

DICK TRACY [PG]·Comic Book Based·1990·(1:45)
The square-jawed detective of the comics busts a vicious
crime syndicate in this colorful, action-packed extravaganza.
Directed by Warren Beatty, co-starring Al Pacino and Dustin
Hoffman. 7/1,27.

DUEL [PG]·Action·1971·(1:29)
The made-for-tv film that launched director Steven Spielberg
into the movies: a never-seen truck driver displays a major
case of road rage as he plays deadly game of cat-and-mouse
with lone motorist (Dennis Weaver) on a desert highway. 
Intense! 7/2,7,12.

THE END OF VIOLENCE [R]·Art House·1997·(2:02)
In contemporary Los Angeles, a high-tech surveillance system
designed to eliminate crime creates adverse effects for a
filmmaker and his estranged family, among others, in this
thought-provoking drama. 7/5,10,16,21.

THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:59)
Lawyer takes on case of priest who performed exorcism on
gravely ill teenager rather than seek medical care for her and
is now charged with negligent homicide. 7/1,18,24,30.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER [R]·Drama·1999·(1:41)
A private eye armed with the latest high tech surveillance
gear obsessively follows a beautiful female serial killer - but
is the thrill of his voyeurism allowing her to continue her
murderous ways? A tightly coiled thriller. 8/4.

F/X [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(1:48)
A movie special effects expert is hired by the FBI to fake a
gangster's murder - but things get complicated when the
deadly double-crosses begin. 7/5,11,15,28.

F/X2 [PG13]·Action·1991·(1:48)
A special effects expert turned high-tech toymaker teams
with his old buddy, a cop turned private eye, to solve a
complicated murder case. Big action sequences and
ingenious sight gags highlight the sequel to "F/X." 7/15.

FALLEN [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1998·(2:04)
A homocide detective slowly discovers that the murderer he is
looking for might be possessed by an evil demon. 8/1.

FEAR [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1996·(1:37)
Extreme take on the good-girl-loves-bad-boy story, with
rapper Marky Mark playing a psychopath who terrorizes his
girlfriend's family. 7/4,20,21,31.

FINDING HOME [PG13]·Drama·2005·(2:04)
Since childhood, Amanda has been plagued with clouded
memories of her upbringing. She has to confront the pain of
her past when she is forced to return to her grandmother's
inn on a remote island off the New England coast.

FLIGHTPLAN [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:38)
A recent widow and her daughter board an airliner together in
Berlin, but the child disappears midway through the flight -
and neither the crew or passengers remembers seeing her.
Taut, tightly wound thriller. 8/2.

THE FOG [PG13]·Horror·2005·(1:40)
A seaside Oregon town gets ready to celebrate its 100th
anniversary when an eerie - and murderous - fog settles in
and begins a mysterious reign of terror. 7/3,8,21,26,30.

FRENCH CONNECTION II [R]·Action·1975·(1:59)
Savvy New York cop Popeye Doyle is out of element in France
as he pursues heroin kingpins to Marseilles. Directed by John
Frankenheimer ("The Manchurian Candidate", "Reindeer
Games") a continuation of "The French Connection." 8/1.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION [R]·Action·1971·(1:44)
Based on true events: a pair of NYC detectives stumble into
an international heroin ring. Includes one of the most exciting
car chases ever filmed, winner of 5 Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actor (Gene Hackman). 7/7,16,26.

FRENZY [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1972·(1:56)
Alfred Hitchcock's creepy, violent story of a suave London
serial killer, his horrific crimes, and the police dragnet that
slowly tightens its noose around the wrong man. 7/12,31.

FRIDAY FOSTER [R]·Action·1975·(1:30)
A sexy photographer snaps photos of the shooters who try to
kill the richest black man in America, and must evade them
when she discovers their real plot - assassinate the nation's
top black leaders! Classic blaxploitation action. 7/31.

FUZZ [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:33)
Boston police detectives hunt a mad bomber preying on local
politicians. 7/13,25.

GHOULIES 2 [PG13]·Horror·1988·(1:30)
The little nasties escape to an amusement park become the
star attractions at a broken-down haunted house - until their
appetites get the upper hand they and wreak havoc once again in
this sequel to Ghoulies. "They'll get you in the end!"

GLEAMING THE CUBE [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:45)
An angst-ridden teen skateboarder believes his adopted
brother's suicide was really murder, and attempts to prove it
with the help of a California detective. Look for skateboard
legend Tony Hawk in a small role. 7/6,15,23,27.

HACKERS [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:45)
A master hacker unites teen computer geeks against an
embezzling computer-security agent known as the Plague.

HALLOWEEN H2O: 20 YEARS LATER [R]·Horror·1998·(1:26)
It has been 20 years since Laurie Strode's psycho brother,
masked killer Michael Myers, wreaked bloody havoc on
Halloween. She is thrust back into the horror when her
murderous brother returns to finish the job he started.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh. 7/2,18,29.

HARRISON'S FLOWERS [R]·Art House·2002·(2:02)
The wife of a missing photojournalist refuses to believe he's
dead when she sees him briefly on a television news
segment. Traveling to the scene of his last assignment - to
war-torn Croatia - she begins a harrowing search.

HAUNTED HONEYMOON [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:24)
Radio actor takes his fiancee home to a haunted castle to
meet his very eccentric relatives. Gilda Radner's final film,
directed by Gene Wilder. 7/5,13,25.

HEAR NO EVIL [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1993·(1:37)
A deaf athletic trainer must elude a corrupt, sadistic
policeman, unaware that she holds what he wants. 7/7,11.

HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE [R]·Horror·1996·(1:25)
In deep space in the 22nd century, a scientist works to close
the Gates of Hell and finally destroy the evil Pinhead and his
murderous, bloodthirsty demons. 8/4.

HOLLYWOOD FLIES [R]·Crime·2004·(1:32)
An Italian beauty and her brother take off on a road trip to
L.A. - but meeting up with murderous bank-robbing
kidnappers, a runaway stripper and her violent,
wheelchair-bound boyfriend turns their holiday into a
vacation from hell! 8/5.

THE HOT ROCK [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:41)
Peter "Bullitt" Yates directs Robert Redford and George Segal
as hapless jewel thieves who bungle the perfect crime. From
Donald Westlake's classic caper novel. 7/2,7,19,24.

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT [PG13]·Crime·1967·(1:50)
Hard-hitting story of a black Philadelphia detective who
journeys to Mississippi to help a bigoted small-town sheriff
solve a murder. Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Director
and Best Actor (Steiger). 7/4,8,14.

INSTINCT [R]·Drama·1999·(2:03)
Rediscovered afters spending years lost in Africa, a gorilla
researcher is jailed for multiple murders and refuses to
speak. A young psychiatrist is assigned to bring the doctor
back into the world, with unexpected results.

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU [PG]·Horror·1977·(1:39)
Recounts the story of a scientist who has isolated himself to
expand his chromosome research. He has developed it to the
point where he can transform animals into semi-humans.

Astronauts return from Mars with an alien vampire as a
stowaway. 7/1,6,12,17,29.

THE JANUARY MAN [R]·Comedy·1989·(1:37)
Cop ousted from NYPD for political reasons, now a fireman,
teams with mayor's daughter to catch a serial killer. Kevin
Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Susan Sarandon.

JAWS 2 [PG]·Sequel·1978·(1:56)
Don't go near the water! Sheriff Brody of seaside Amity once
again fears a great white shark attack during the tourist
season - and his fears are realized when his own son looks
like the next victim! 7/1,10,27.

JAWS: THE REVENGE [PG13]·Horror·1987·(1:30)
This time...it's personal! The widow of Sheriff Brody takes on
a murderous great white shark after it begins killing the rest
of her family. Featuring Michael Caine. 7/6,15,29.

K-9 [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:41)
Narcotics detective Thomas Dooley has a new partner: Jerry
Lee, a police dog with the best nose in the drug-busting
business. 7/2,20.

A KISS BEFORE DYING [R]·Noir·1991·(1:33)
A woman marries a charismatic charmer unaware of his
ruthless and deadly scheme for success. 7/15,30.

KISS TOLEDO GOODBYE [R]·Action·1999·(1:36)
The son of a gangster must take over the family "business"
when his illegitimate father is murdered. He's accompanied
by four eccentric hoodlums as they attempt to conceal his
identity and prevent him from getting killed. 7/9,17.

THE LAST OBSESSION [R]·Mystery·1997·(1:37)
An journalist's sexual obsession with a mysterious woman
threatens his relationship with his girlfriend, and gets
dangerous when he discovers the woman is tied to a corrupt
psychiatrist who doesn't like being written about. 7/25.

LEONARD PART 6 [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:25)
Ex-secret agent Bill Cosby sheds retirement when crazy
animals start killing his former colleagues. 7/2,13,30.

LETHAL EVICTION [R]·Horror·2005·(1:29)
An attractive real estate agent buys an old apartment
building just when a serial killer starts to whack the tenants -
and a host of suspects are at hand, including a deranged
young woman and the agent herself. 8/5.

LICENCE TO KILL [PG13]·Action·1989·(2:13)
Now it's personal! 007 goes on his own, infiltrating a drug
lord's mob to avenge a close friend's gruesome death. The
17th James Bond movie features Benicio Del Toro and Wayne
Newton. 6/29.

THE LONG ISLAND INCIDENT [TV14]·Docu-Drama·1998·(1:32)
Based on true events: a media frenzy erupts when a woman
becomes a gun-control advocate and political candidate after
her husband is killed and her son wounded in a commuter
train shooting. Executive producer: Barbra Streisand.

Clive Barker's LORD OF ILLUSIONS [R]·Horror·1995·(1:49)
A private eye looks after the wife of an illusionist who killed
his mentor, the leader of a black-magic cult. 7/29.

LOVE AT LARGE [R]·Comedy·1990·(1:37)
A rumpled private eye is hired by a steamy seductress to
follow a wayward lover. The detective follows the wrong man
- a guy with two separate families - and is soon being tailed
by another detective in this sly comedy. 7/18,23.

MALONE [R]·Action·1987·(1:32)
Based on the novel "Shotgun" by William Wingate, this drama
depicts a burnt-out secret service agent who stumbles into a
real estate swindle/murder plot in Oregon. 7/13,23,8/5.

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE [PG]·Comedy·1997·(1:34)
Mistaken for a spy while visiting his brother in London, an
unwitting American becomes involved in international
intrigue. 7/13,14,27.

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1956·(2:00)
Alfred Hitchcock's tale of innocent American tourists in
Morocco whose son's kidnapping sets off a twisting tale of
international intrigue. The Master remakes his 1934 version,
an Oscar winner for Best Song ("Que Sera Sera") 7/8,23,30.

MARNIE [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1964·(2:10) Sean Connery.
A beautiful blonde can't stop stealing from her employers
when she meets a rich playboy who decides to explore her
mental issues - even though she's less than willing. A classic
psychological character study from Alfred Hitchcock.

A MEMORY IN MY HEART [TVPG]·Drama·1999·(1:30)
A chance meeting with an old acquaintance uncovers a
nightmare-plagued woman's long-buried memories of
another, more distressing life - with another husband.
Inspired by a true story, co-starring Cathy Lee Crosby. 8/3.

MEMORY OF A KILLER [R]·Crime·2005·(2:03)
A weary professional hitman finds himself being chased by a
deadly trio - the police, his own bosses when he refuses a
job, and periodic amnesia caused by Alzheimer's disease. A
taut, intricate thriller. 8/4.

MILLENNIUM [PG13]·Science-Fiction·1989·(1:46)
A crash scene investigator trying to solve the mystery behind
a horrific airplane accident discovers a bizarre, time-twisting
intersection between the present, the past and the future in
this sci-fi cult classic! 8/4.

MILLER'S CROSSING [R]·Crime·1990·(1:55)
The right-hand man of an Irish mob boss plays all the angles
in a Prohibition gangland story - from the creators of "Fargo."

MIMIC SENTINEL [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·2003·(1:16)
The third part of the Mimic trilogy finds the Judas Breed
roaches have returned and are hungry for new victims.

MR. FROST [R]·Horror·1990·(1:29)
A psychiatrist tries to uncover the true identity of a serial
killer who claims to be the devil. 7/9.

MURDER 101 [PG13]·Crime·1991·(1:32)
English professor finds himself accused of killing a faculty
member after asking his students to write the perfect murder.

NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS [R]·Erotic·1995·(1:26)
Highly regarded criminal psychologist becomes involved with
a dangerous stranger she met at the supermarket. 7/31.

NOVEMBER [R]·Mystery·2005·(1:18)
When her boyfriend is shot to death in a robbery, LA
photographer Sophie Jacobs struggles to get over the murder.
Her life begins to change and the line between reality and
fantasy is beginning to shatter. 7/9,18,22.

THE OMEN [R]·Horror·1976·(1:51)
A devil-possesed priest switches the baby of an Ambassador
and his wife with that of son of Satan. Released 6-6-76.

Behind the scenes look at the making of "Stealth" featuring
Josh Lucas and Jamie Foxx. 7/22,26.

Behind-the-scenes look at the making of "When A Stranger
Calls" featuring Katie Cassidy and Camilla Belle.

ONCE BITTEN [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
A vampire countess in need of new blood finds a willing
high-school student to help her. Starring Jim Carrey.

THE ORGANIZATION [PG]·Action·1971·(1:48)
Police detective Virgil Tibbs returns to bring down a drug gang
with the help of a neighborhood group. 7/10.

THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND [R]·Literary/Book Based·1983·(1:42)
The CIA recruits a talk show host to expose friends who may
be Soviet agents. 7/23.

OTHER VOICES [R]·Drama·2000·(1:45)
A young married couple drift apart, fracturing their world as
they embrace mysterious love affairs. An intriguing
psychological puzzle featuring Stockard Channing, Rob
Morrow and Campbell Scott. 8/2.

THE OTHER [PG]·Horror·1972·(1:40)
On a farm in Connecticut, no one has time for twins Niles and
Holland but Grandma, who teaches them "The Game" - and
then the "accidental" deaths begin. Genuinely creepy with
plenty of unexpected twists! 7/12,30.

THE PACKAGE [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1989·(1:48)
A sergeant in U.S. army realizes he is being used to help
instigate an international conspiracy. 7/5,8/4.

THE PARADINE CASE [TVPG]·Drama·1948·(1:54)
Director Alfred Hitchcock's story of an aggressive married
attorney who falls for his client - a beautiful woman accused
of murdering her husband - but miscalculates when he puts
the man he believes to be the killer on the stand. 7/4,21.

PHENOMENON [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:03)
A small-town mechanic is transformed overnight into a
mental superman complete with telekinetic powers - but his
new-found abilities spark fear and unease in this witty, warm
fantasy. From the director of "While You Were Sleeping." 8/5.

PLAY MISTY FOR ME [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1971·(1:42)
A disc jockey meets up with a psychopathic fan and she
becomes emotionally involved with him. Conficts arise
between the disc jockey's girlfriend and the obsessed fan who
wishes to possess him body and soul. 6/30.

PROJECT X [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:48)
A young troublemaking pilot is assigned the task of
monitoring a military flight experiment with chimpanzees -
but when he learns the real reasons behind the testing, he
decides to buck the system. 7/4,13,18,19,23,29.

THE PROPHECY [R]·Horror·1995·(1:37)
A war between rogue angels - led by the malevolent Gabriel -
and mankind is about to begin, and it's up to a young girl, a
cop and a school teacher to stop the impending slaughter.
With Virginia Madsen, Viggo Mortensen. 8/4.

PSYCHO [R]·Horror·1960·(1:49)
The greatest Hitchcock chiller of them all. Ask Norman Bates
and his mother, who run the lonely Bates motel - a place the
guests are just dying to leave! 7/3,19,25.

PYTHON [R]·Horror·2000·(1:40)
Sixty-foot python creates terror for residents of a small
community. 7/3,8,21,31.

RACE WITH THE DEVIL [PG]·Action·1975·(1:28)
Two vacationing couples are pursued by local Satanic
witches after witnessing a human sacrifice. 8/4.

THE RAVEN [TVPG]·Horror·1963·(1:26)
Horror movie greats Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Peter
Lorre team up in the Edgar Allan Poe classic. 7/2,24.

REAR WINDOW [TV14]·Drama·1954·(1:54) Jimmy Stewart.
One of director Alfred Hitchcock's most inventive thrillers: a
photographer, confined to his apartment with a broken leg,
thinks he sees a neighbor getting away with murder, and
enlists his socialite girlfriend to discover the truth.

Stacy Keach stars as Spillane's hard-hitting, tough-talking
gumshoe. 7/26,27.

Clueless Inspector Clouseau, believed to be dead by the
world, takes advantage of the situation to go undercover and
find out just who - out of many - wants him killed. With Dyan
Cannon 7/3,8,21.

RISING SUN [R]·Action·1993·(2:09) Sean Connery.
A young woman is found dead in the L.A. headquarters of a
Japanese corporation, and a volatile team of investigators
and cops find more than they bargained for as their
investigation starts to uncover government corruption. 8/4.

RUSH HOUR [PG13]·Action·1998·(1:38) Jacki Chan
What happens when a rebel Hong Kong detective and a
hotshot, loudmouth L.A. cop team up to rescue a diplomat's
kidnapped daughter? Lots of hilarious one-liners and
high-kicking martial arts action in this hit action-comedy!

SABOTEUR [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1942·(1:49)
Director Alfred Hitchcock combines heart-stopping suspense
and witty humor in a tale of an innocent man, accused of
sabotage during WW II, who becomes front page news,
evading the police on a cross country hunt for the real spies.

SCREAM [R]·Horror·1996·(1:51)
Hit comic horror that makes fun of the whole slasher-film
genre, busting age-old stereotypes while effectively telling the
story of a teenage girl grieving over her mother's murder.

THE SECRET AGENT [R]·Drama·1996·(1:35)
An undercover Russian agent, posing as a quiet shopkeeper
in London, is thrown into turmoil when his employers order
him to plant a bomb at the Greenwich Observatory. Based on
the novel by Joseph Conrad. 6/30,7/10,14.

THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW [R]·Horror·1987·(1:38)
In this atmospheric film from horror king Wes Craven, an
anthropologist tries to track down a voodoo concoction
rumored to turn humans into zombies. 7/9,17,22,31.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1943·(1:48)
From Alfred Hitchcock: the haunting tale of a young woman
who begins to suspect her favorite Uncle Charlie is a serial
murderer. Said to be Hitchcock's favorite of all his films.

The great Baker Street detective plays protector to an inventor
whose work is coveted by the evil Professor Moriarty. 8/1,2.

Sherlock Holmes matches wits against a prison inmate using
music boxes to hide stolen bank plates. 8/4.

A SHOT IN THE DARK [PG]·Comedy·1964·(1:42)
Only the monumentally inept Inspector Clouseau believes that
a sexy parlor maid is innocent of murder, and his bungling
investigation leads to a nudist colony. The 2nd Pink Panther
film. 7/22.

THE SICILIAN [R]·Crime·1987·(1:55)
A young rebel takes on the Mafia and all comers in
post-World War II Sicily, inspiring an effort to rid the country
of corruption and murder - but are his enemies too strong?
From the director of "The Deer Hunter." 7/4,12.

SILENT RUNNING [PG]·Drama·1972·(1:29) Bruce Dern.
A spaceship carrying the last of Earth's forests is ordered
destroyed, but a renegade crew member and his poker-playing
robots prepare for a last stand. Special effects from the
team behind "2001", "Star Trek" and "Blade Runner".

SPELLBOUND [TVPG]·Mystery·1945·(1:51)
From Alfred Hitchcock: a new director arrives at the
mental institution, but he seems nervous and distressed,
leading a beautiful young doctor to guess that he's an
imposter - and potentially a murderer as well. 8/4.

SSSSSSS [PG]·Horror·1973·(1:39)
The ultra-strange horror tale of a doctor whose peculiar
interest in snakes (he reads them poetry) leads him to a
gruesome experiment: can a man be turned into an
overgrown king cobra? A cult classic! 6/27.

STILL CRAZY LIKE A FOX [TVPG]·Comedy·1987·(1:34)
In England, Harry accusses the Duke of Kent of stealing -
then becomes a suspect when the aristocrat is murdered.

THE STING II [PG]·Comedy·1983·(1:41)
Two 1930s Chicago con-men rig a prizefight in a bid to fleece
a shady nightclub owner. Co-starring Karl Malden and Terri
Garr, from the writer of "The Sting." 7/5,6,10,16,22.

STORMY WEATHERS [TVPG]·Crime·1992·(1:31)
A female private detective - who cruises L.A. in a 396 Hemi
Chevelle convertible - gets more than she bargains for while
searching for the missing uncle of an Italian millionaire.

A STRANGER AMONG US [PG13]·Drama·1992·(1:49)
A New York policewoman enters the Hasidic community to
investigate a diamond-robbery murder. Directed by Sidney
Lumet. 7/5,10,18,29.

A Miami school bus driver heroically faces a crazed hijacker
as he leads the police on a tense, nerve-shattering chase.

THE SUNCHASER [R]·Drama·1996·(2:02)
A terminally ill teenage hoodlum from L.A. takes his doctor
hostage and heads for the Arizona desert in his search for a
cure. 7/22.

Teenagers lost in the Texas woods after prom night,
encounter Leatherface and a family of psychopaths living in
an old farmhouse. 7/3,23,28.

THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS! [R]·Crime·1970·(1:48)
Tough cop Poitier investigates a prostitute's murder. His
close friend, an activist priest, is the primary suspect. A
sequel to Poitier's popular feature, "In The Heat Of The Night".

THIEVES LIKE US [R]·Crime·1974·(2:03)
Two Depression era criminals fall in love between bank jobs.
Directed by Robert Altman. 7/2,11,23,28.

A reformed gangster takes on a job he can't refuse from the
wheelchair-bound Man With A Plan, and assembles an
oddball bunch of hoods to carry out the deed - but when they
fail, all bets are off in this off-kilter cult classic. 7/9,14,29.

TIMEBOMB [R]·Action·1991·(1:36)
Weird flashbacks and a psychiatrist lead a hunted man to his
forgotten past as a trained killer. 7/2,25.

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY [TVPG]·Comedy·1955·(1:39)
In Alfred Hitchcock's black comedy, many folks in a small
town believe they are the reason Harry is dead - so they keep
moving his body to keep it from being discovered. Film debut
of Shirley MacLaine, leaving it to the Beaver! 7/7,20,25.

TRUE CONFESSIONS [R]·Crime·1981·(1:48)
A 1940s Los Angeles detective hounds his monsignor brother
about a pious pimp's tie to a grisly murder. Starring Robert
DeNiro. 8/2.

ULTRAVIOLET [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:27)
She's a woman with a mission! Super-soldier Ultraviolet
possesses incredible physical powers, which she must use to
protect a boy who may hold the key to stopping a war
between humans and vampire-like Hemophages! 8/5.

UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION [R]·Action·2006·(1:46)
Selene, the sexy, sleek vampire warrior, is back! The
explosive war between the Death Dealers and Lycans
continues full throttle as Selene and her werewolf lover go on
the run, searching for their future by seeking their past.

THE VANISHING [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1993·(1:50)
A young man (Kiefer Sutherland) searches for his girlfriend
(Sandra Bullock), who disappeared at a gas station after the
couple had a fight. 7/1,10,24,30.

VENOM [R]·Horror·2005·(1:27)
Combine the mystical Louisiana swamps, a snake-filled
suitcase, Mr. Jangles - a man possessed by 13 evil souls - a
group of sexy young teens, add a dollop of voodoo, and you've
got a fun, gory screamfest! 8/1.

VERTIGO [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1958·(2:10) Jimmy Stewart.
Alfred Hitchcock's eerie, superb thriller about a detective
whose fear of heights leaves him unable to stop a woman's
suicide. Later he spots a girl who looks just like the dead
woman, reigniting his obsession with the mystery. 6/27.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:27)
In an opulent estate, a teen babysitter answers the phone
and begins a long, suspenseful night evading a taunting
psychopathic stalker - who may be in the house with her!

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT [PG]·Animated·1987·(1:44)
In a slapstick world where cartoon characters and humans
co-exist, a toon-hating detective tries to save Roger Rabbit
from a murder rap in this landmark comedy. Winner of 3
Oscars, from the director of "The Polar Express." 8/3.

WIDOW'S PEAK [PG]·Art House·1994·(1:41)
In this sharp-edged, witty comedy set in the 1920s, a small
Irish town dominated by widows is turned on its ear by the
arrival of a young, brash American widow with a secret. With
Natasha Richardson, Jim Broadbent. 7/4,21,28.

WINDPRINTS [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1990·(1:39)
The story of a young news cameraman assigned to cover the
manhunt of a deadly Namibian renegade. 8/3.

WISDOM [R]·Crime·1987·(1:49)
A man - whose criminal past is keeping him from getting
head - and his girlfriend embark on a series of Robin
Hood-style bank robberies. A tale of modern folk heroes,
written and directed by Emilio Estevez. 7/6,26.

2046 [R]·Asian·2005·(2:08)
Director Wong Kar Wai's elegant, vibrant meditation on
memory, the past and the future: the interweaving stories of
a sci-fi author, a train to the future, and the mysterious
women of hotel room 2046. 8/3.

21 GRAMS [R]·Drama·2003·(2:04)
A freak accident brings together a critically ill mathematician,
a grieving mother and a born-again ex-con, whose lives
collide in a riveting confrontation. With Sean Penn.

THE 39 STEPS [TVG]·Mystery·1935·(1:26)
Classic Hitchcock thriller in which an innocent young man
becomes involved in murder and espionage. 8/5.

976-EVIL [R]·Horror·1989·(1:32)
Nerdish teenager's phone call puts him in touch with the
devil. You're not dealing with AT&T. 7/14,26.

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