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Lord Of Illusions (1995)

Evil waits on the other side

movie poster Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap stars as a private eye who specializes in supernatural cases and has an affinity for the occult. He takes a seemingly “normal case” in Los Angeles in which a stage magician is killed during a performance. But that leads to the impending rebirth of an evil sorcerer that has Bakula fighting the forces of darkness. More gore than plot, with Famke as the cowering damsel (the magician’s widow). Written and directed by Clive Barker of Hellraiser and Night Breed fame.
108 minutes rated R, the un-rated Director’s cut runs 14 minutes longer.
Additional cast:
Famke Janssen, Kevin O’Connor. Based on Barker’s short story “The Last Illusion.”

Necessary Roughness (1991)

Scott Bakula of Star Trek TV-series “Enterprise” stars as the 34 year old quarterback of a Texas college who finds out that his “cute no-nonsense prof is a closet football junkie.” More Disney movie than sports movie, with swimsuit model Kathy Ireland (MST3000 fans remember her as the star of Alien From L.A.) as the team’s place-kicker; Sinbad; Larry Miller (the smarmy store clerk in “Pretty Woman”); Hector Elizondo; Rob Schneider of “Down Periscope” (1996); Robert Loggia; and Jason Bateman of Teen Wolf sequel “Teen Wolf Too.” Directed by Stan Dragoti. 108 minutes rated PG-13. Leonard Maltin says, “Beware of Bill Conti’s feel-good score.”

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