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Leonard Part 6

Leonard Part 6
(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)

Bill "I'm So Sensitive" Cosby goes off the deep end and spends 60 billion bucks on a flick about how all the zoo animals are trying to take over the world. Bill dons leotards and fights killer gay vegetarian birdmen while saying things like "I got your ball, now let me in." You'll love the scene where he uses magic Oleo to drive away the man-eating lobsters trying to kill his ex-wife, but it's nothing compared to the hysterical sequence where that darn Bill gets soup dumped on his head. Hardy har har.
No plot to get in the way of the story.
Eight dead bodies.
Killer rainbow trout.
Killer housecats.
Attack squirrels.
Undercover gophers.
Exploding head.
One motor vehicle chase, including Albanian school bus.
Underarm heat-seeking missiles.
Flying armored Porsche.
Exploding tuna factory.
Bunny- rabbit attack.
Gratuitous subplot about a refugee from the "Cosby" show posing as a teenage drama student in love with a 66- year-old black Eyetalian director guy.
Gratuitous Jane Fonda.
Gratuitous "Herbie and the Love Bug" special effects.
Bullfrog Fu.
Alka Seltzer Fu.
Wine, soup, and shrimp Fu.
Zebra Fu.
Anteater Fu.
Ostrich Fu.
Bee Fu.
Hot Dog Fu.
Old Milton Berle schtick Fu.
Hamburger Meat Fu.
Zoo Fu.
With Gloria Foster as Medusa the evil princess lady, David Maier as the evil assistant vegetarian ("Possums in Piedmont awaiting orders").
Nominated for three Raspberry Awards, which Cosby accepted on a FOX special.
Zero stars. Joe Bob says don't check it out.

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