It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

The revelation shocker of things to come!

movie poster The second spaceship to Mars returns with the sole survivor of the first mission, assumed to have murdered everyone else. But the real killer is a monster (played by Crash Corrigan), which is now also aboard the returning ship. Suspenseful low-budget movie stars Marshall Thompson (later the star of TV’s “Daktari,” a series inspired by John Wayne movie “Hatari”). MonsterVision's Joe Bob Briggs says It's sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby sued Alien but didn’t get very far.

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Quotes & Trivia (courtesy the Internet Movie Database)

* Mary Royce: Every bone in his body must be broken. But I'm not sure that's what killed him.

* Lt. James Calder: Mars is almost as big as Texas, maybe it has monsters.

* Col. Van Heusen: There's only one kind of a monster that uses bullets.

* Maj. John Purdue: It's got to kill us or starve and we've got to kill it or die.

* Spokesman at Press Conference: Another name for "Mars" is "Death".

* Col. Edward Carruthers: What is the usual reason an intelligent creature'd kill us?
Mary Royce: It's hungry?


* If a spacecraft were to open its airlock to space as depicted there would be a violent explosive decompression and not the gradual buildup as depicted in the movie.

* On the way back from Mars we see a meteorite, a "falling star", through the porthole. With no atmosphere for them to burn up in, meteorites are just lumps of rock.

* The spaceship's different floors are never in order. For instance, Keinholz is on the top floor, he goes down one floor, looks around, then goes down another floor. This floor is the one with Carruthers and Eric playing Chess. After Carruthers hears a scream he goes up the ladder to ask Keinholz if he heard the noise; Carruthers peaks out of the hatch and is on the top floor, skipping the second floor Keinholz had to go through.

* aka "It! The Vampire from Beyond Space"

* aka "The Terror from Beyond Space"

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