Recipes of the Month


New Year's Day - New Years Cookies
Valentine's Day - Cocoa and Chocolate Beverages
St. Patrick's Day - Calecannon
April Fools Day - Gooseberry and other fools
Memorial Day - Rations and Homefront Rationing Recipes
June Weddings - Wedding Cakes
4th of July - Lemonade
August - Beer
September - Cup cakes
Halloween - Pumpkin pies and cooking in Pumpkin shells
Thanksgiving - Cranberries: Pemmican to Cranberry Sauce
Christmas - Christmas Plum Pudding


Twelfth Night - New Orleans King Cake or Twelfth Night Cake
George Washington Carver - Peanut Soup
Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham
Salmagundy and Watercress
Preserving Butter
Acorn Mush
Beet Cookies, Cakes, Pies
Lydia Maria Child's Thanksgiving poem and pumpkin pie
Ice Cream Cake


Fast nachts, Faschtnachts, Fashnachts
Wafers, Wafels
To make a Peacock Pye, from Thacker, 1757
Rev. Smith's recipe poem for salads
Ham 'n Hay
Gone Fishin'(Cod sounds, Paper in ashes, Planked fish, Cure tainted fish, Preservation, & Bait, 1594)
Fayette Pudding, Lafayette Cakes, Lafayette Gingerbread
To make a Fish Pond
Pilgrim Puddings, Pilgrim Cake
Christmas Pies


Twelfth Night Wassail Bowl
Washington Cake, Madison Cake, Jackson Jumbles, Tyler Pudding
Easter Eggs
Asparagus Loaves or Sparrow Grass Rolls
Mint Juleps
Iced Tea, Ice Tea, Sweet Tea
Planked fish
Picnic cakes
Beach Plums and Jelly
Pepper Pot
Election Cake
Christmas Menu (links)


Robert May's Triumphs & Trophies ... Twelfth-day. 1685
Chocolate recipes - 18th century
Hartshorn - Jelly, Cream, Flummery
Hams at Colonial Williamsburg and Edwards Ham [article]
Philadelphia Ice Cream
Egg shells as moulds, scented 'bombs,' clarifying
Green Lemons
Revive a dying fire - dried lemon peel, sugar...
Fruit in Jelly, Jelly as Fruit
Fairy and Orange Butters
Pumpkin Chips


Snow Cream
Washington Cakes
Sakiyuki 1936
Easter Cake
Mustard Balls
Blueberries, Huckleberries, Whortleberries
Candy pulls, Candy soup
Navy Mess Manual 1904


Molasses Candy
Beaten Corn Bread
Queen Cakes

Cooking in a pumpkin at Hessian Barracks

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