To make a Fish Pond

Fill four large fish moulds with flummery and six small ones. Take a china bowl and put in half a pint of stiff clear calf's foot jelly, let it stand till cold. Then lay two of the small fishes on the jelly the right side down, put in half a pint more jelly, let it stand till cold. Then lay in the four small fishes across one another, that when you turn the bowl upside down the heads and tails may be seen. Then almost fill your bowl with jelly and let it stand till cold. Then lay in the jelly four large fishes and fill the basin quite full with jelly, and let it stand till the next day. When you want to use it, set your bowl to the brim in hot water for one minute, take care that you don't let the water go into the basin. Lay your plate on the top of the basin and turn it upside down. If you want it for the middle, turn it out upon a salver. Be sure you make your jelly very stiff and clear.
Raffald, Elizabeth. The Experienced English Housekeeper. London: 1769.

Also in Hannah Glasse's Compleat Confectioner, 1800, Frazer's Practice of Cookery, 1820; and Tried and Approved Recipes, 1878.

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