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To make Biscuits of Red Beet-Roots; from the same; call'd the Crimson-Biscuit

  Take the Roots of Red-Beets, and boil them tender; clean them, and beat them in a Mortar with as much Sugar, finely sifted; some Butter; the Yolks of hard Eggs, a little Flower; some Spice, finely beaten, and some Orange-Flower-Water, and a little Lemon-Juice.  When they are well mix'd, and reduced to a Paste, make them into Cakes, and dry them in a slow Oven.
Bradley, Richard. Country Housewife and Lady Director. London. 1727 ed.

  How to make Lumbardy Tarts.

Take beets, chop them small, and to them put grated bread and cheese, and mingle them wel in the chopping.  Take a few corrans, and a dishe of sweet butter, and melt it.  Then stir al these in the butter, together with three yolkes of egges, sinamon, ginger, and sugar, and make your tart as large as you will, and fill it with the stuffe, bake it, and serve it in.
The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin. 1588

Beet Vinegar

Grate the washed beets, express the juice, and put the liquor in a barrel; cover the bung-hole with gauze and place it in the sun. In a few weeks the vinegar will be good.
Family Receipts. B. F. Witt. Cincinnati. 1854

To fry Beets.

Bake them in an Oven, peel them, and cut them in Slices long ways, and about half an Inch thick; then steep them in a thin Batter, made of White-wine, fine Flour, Cream, and the Whites and Yolks of Eggs, (but more Yolks than Whites,) season'd with Salt, Pepper, and beaten Cloves; let them lye in the Batter a little while, then take them out, and drudge them with Flour, crumbled Bread, and Parsley shred small; then fry them, and when they are dry, serve them in Plates with Juice of Lemon. You may also make a Fricassie of them with Butter, Parsley, Salt, Pepper, and Onions.
Nott, John.  The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary.  London: 1723

History of Beets
Lady harvesting beet tops - 14th/15th century
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