Pumpkin Shells and Pumpkin Pies

"'Our Forefathers Song', is given by tradition from the lips of an old lady aged ninety-four years, in 1767. If the suggestion is accurate that she learned this from her mother or grandmother. 'For pottage and puddings and custard and pies, Our pumpkins and parsnip are common supplies: We have pumpkins at morning and pumpkins at noon, If it were not for pumpkins, we should be undoon'". [from: The Women who came in the Mayflower by Annie Russell Marble who cited The Pilgrim Fathers by W. H. Bartlett, London, 1852]. The pumpkin filled with apples was prepared by Sally Waltz at the Hessian Barracks, Frederick Maryland.

Pumpkin Pie recipes

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Cooking in a Pumpkin shell

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Bread pudding baked in a pumpkin shell
Custard baked in a pumpkin shell
Paul Bocuse's Thick Pumpkin Soup from France, served inside the pumpkin shell; other recipes
Pumpkin history, colonial pie, recipes

Hartlieb Pumpkin Museum. Heimschuh. Austria.
The Women who came in the Mayflower by Annie Russell Marble
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