Christmas Menus and Bills of Fare

A Bill of Fare for Christmas Day, and how to set the Meat in order.
from: Robert May. The Accomplisht Cook. London: 1685

1 A collar of brawn.
2 Stewed Broth of Mutton marrow bones.
3 A grand Sallet.
4 A pottage of caponets.
5 A breast of veal in stoffado.
6 A boilíd partridge.
7 A chine of beef, or surloin roast.
8 Minced pies.
9 A Jegote of mutton with anchove sauce.
10 A made dish of sweet-bread.
11 A swan roast.
12 A pasty of venison.
13 A kid with a pudding in his belly.
14 A steak pie.
15 A hanch of venison roasted.
16 A turkey roast and stuck with cloves.
17 A made dish of chickens in puff paste.
18 Two bran geese roasted, one larded.
19 Two large capons, one larded.
20 A Custard.

The second course for the same Mess.

Oranges and Lemons.
1 A young lamb or kid.
2 Two couple of rabbits, two larded.
3 A pig soucít with tongues.
4 Three ducks, one larded.
5 Three pheasants, 1 larded
6 A Swan Pye.
7 Three brace of partridge, three larded.
8 Made dish in puff paste.
9 Bolonia sausages, and anchoves, mushrooms, and Cavieate, and pickled oysters in a dish.
10 Six teels, three larded.
11 A Gammon of Westphalia Bacon.
12 Ten plovers, five larded.
13 A quince pye, or warden pie.
14 Six woodcocks, 3 larded.
15 A standing Tart in puff-paste, preserved fruits, Pippins, &c.
16 A dish of Larks.
17 Six dried neats tongues.
18 Sturgeon.
19 Powdered Geese.

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