August, in many areas, marks the beginning of harvesting hops, important in the production of beer and yeast . Beer was so prevalent in America, that almost all of the the early cookbooks included recipes. Elizabeth Ellicott Lea, a Quaker, had five beer recipes. George Washington brewed beer and his Small Beer recipe has been preserved. Thomas Jefferson owned several books on brewing, and had Capt. Miller, a British brewer captured in 1813, train Peter Hemings, and in 1814 he built a new brew house. Taverns served various drinks and were an important gathering place in early America. "Tapping a keg; drawing based on a Medieval misericord wood carving" from A Feast for the Eyes section of Godecookery.

Historic Books on Brewing

The London and Country Brewer (1736)
Child, Samuel , Every Man His Own Brewer, (1794?) Pamphlet
Cobbett, William. Cottage Economy. 1821
Rees’ Cyclopaedia (1819), entry “Porter”
Accum, FC (1820), A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons, section “Adulteration of Beer”
Freedley, Edwin. Philadelphia and its manufactures.  Phila: 1858
Cobbett, William (1850), Cottage Economy, sections relating to beer-brewing
Loftus, William. The Brewer: a Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing. London: 1863.
Twenty-five Years of Brewing By George Ehret. 1881
The 1881 Household Cyclopedia (quite a few chapters on brewing, distilling]
Bickerdyke, John (1886), The Curiosities of Ale & Beer: an Entertaining History, chapter “Porter and Stout”
American Beer. Glimpses of Its History and Description of Its Manufacture by G. Thomann New York: United States Brewers' Association 1909

Brewery Manuals 1700-1860
Concise timetable of Beer History
History of beer and the English Inn
Beer on Henry VIII's ship the Mary Rose
A champion beer for Burns' Night
Robert Burns Day
Heather ale, Scottish beer in full flower
English brewing in Colonial America: II
English brewing in Colonial America: III
Chronology of the American Brewing Industry
Short history of Brewing in America
Brewing in Colonial America
Beer as a mixed drink
William Penn And Beermaking in Colonial Pennsylvania
Colonial Philadelphia: Beer was there
Old-Time Drinking Places in Philadelphia
Vollmer, William. The United States Cook Book. Wm. Vollmer, translated by J. C. Oehlschlager, Phila: 1859. beer soups
George Washington: President & Beer Lover
George Washington: to make small beer
The Philosophy of Making Beer. Thomas Jefferson
The golden age of taverns
Lager in America: A different look 1840
Beer in the Civil War

Glossary of Brewing Terminology
Hops - growing info
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