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George Washington Carver, 1864/5-1943, did pioneering work in many areas of agriculture, but is probably best known for his study of peanuts. The book by Merritt lists 105 peanut recipes, sweet potato recipes, and others taken from his earlier Bulletins.


1 quart of milk,
2 tablespoonfuls butter,
2 tablespoonfuls flour,
1 cup peanuts.

Cook peanuts until soft; remove skins, mash or grind until very fine; let milk come to a boil; add the peanuts; cook 20 minutes. Rub flour into a smooth paste with milk; add butter to the peanuts and milk; stir in flour; season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Merritt, Raleigh H. From Captivity to Fame or the Life of George Washington Carver. Boston: 1929
George Washington Carver National Monument. Diamond, MO
George Washington Carver. History and US postage stamp
George Washington Carver

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