Early Maccaroni

Pictures of macaroni from the Grocer's Encyclopedia by Ward. 1911

The Grocer's Encyclopedia. Ward. 1911 numerous pictures and information. 5p.
Acton on Maccaroni; Maccaroni Soup;substitute for Vermicelli
Greek or Arnaut wheat...bright yellow and semi-transparent...to Italy...best macaroni 1804
To make Vermicelli. Glasse. The Art of Cookery made plain and easy. 1805 p.215
How to make. Lee. The Cook's Own Book. 1832
Macaroni dressed sweet, Macaroni Gratin, Macaroni Napolitaine, Macaroni to serve (1&2), Macaroni Stewed, Macaroni Timbale. Lee. 1832
Maccaroni Pudding. Randolph. 1838
To Dress Maccaroni. Leslie. Directions for Cookery. 1840
Maccaroni Pudding. Leslie. Lady's Receipt Book. 1846
Thatched House Pie. Leslie. The Lady's Receipt-Book. 1846

Descriptions of many Italian pastes
Penny Magazine Aug 10, 1833
Maccaroni Sellers of Naples. pic and 2 pg of process. sizes. The New Pictorial & Illustrated Family Magazine 1846 
Genoa macaroni sketch. Beeton, Isabella. Book of Household Management. 1869, 1888
Size of goose quill. A Cyclopędia of Commerce, Mercantile Law, Finance, Commercial Geography, and ... By John Hill BURTON 1846
Italian Pastes.  Murray's modern cookery book. 1851

Paul Jacques Malouin sketch of press and the various plates/molds in Delizia!
Macaroni Making... Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 1886
List of Pasta Shapes
Thomas Jefferson's Maccaroni Machine. links page

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