Everlasting Syllabubs

Sift half a pound of double-refined sugar into five gills of cream, half a pint of nice sweet wine, the juice of two large or three small Seville oranges, the zest of two lemons zested with sugar, and a spoonful of orange-flower water; mill it with a chocolate miller, and dress it into glasses.

...Almost every county has its syllabub, and the only difference among them is, some use port entirely, others cider and brandy, some strong ale and home-made wine.
Domestic Economy, and Cookery...London: 1827

1 C heavy cream
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C red wine
Juice of one lemon

Whip the cream with sugar, then add wine and lemon.† Continue whipping until it peaks.† Do not over whip and or you will make butter.† Spoon neatly into glasses.† While delicious fresh, this can keep up to a week. The wine will drop to the bottom of the glass, with the whipped cream on top.

For a festive Motherís Day dessert, I used red wine to make it pink and did not put in the lemon zest or orange flower water, which go nicely with white wine.† Seville oranges are hard to get [think sour oranges] so you can combine juice from an orange and lemon.† Many recipes just used lemons.

Syllabubs and Possets in HistoricFood

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