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Early Wedding Cakes were large heavy fruit cakes with raisins, citrons, almonds. The white layered cakes we know today came after the middle of the 19th century with the advent of baking powder and refined flour. So in 1840 Queen Victoria had a large one layer fruit cake, but her daughter Victoria, the Princess Royal had a layered and iced white cake in 1859. Recipes for the fruit style "Wedding Cake" continued into the 1900s. The 1877 Buckeye covered all three types: 3 fruited "Wedding Cakes", the white baking powder "Bride's Cake" and the "Groom's Cake" with raisin, citron and almonds. An early white version, a "Bride's or Snow Cake" appeared in an 1859 cookbook, but generally Bride's Cakes continued as fruit cakes in published cookbooks until after 1875.

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Wedding Cake. recipes

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Bride's Cake. Groom's Cake. Snow Cake. recipes

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