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Of the Mixture of Paste. ...Your course Wheat-crust should be kneaded with hot water, or Mutton broth, and good store of butter, and the paste made stiffe and tough, because the Coffin must be deep. Markham, Gervase. The English House-wife. 1615

To make an Oyster Pye. Save the liquour of your largest Oysters, season them with Pepper, and Ginger, and put them into a Coffin: put in a minst Onyon, a few Currins, and a good piece of Butter. Then poure in your sirrup, and close it. When it is bakte, cut up the Pye, and put in a spoonefull of Vinegar, and melted Butter: shake it well together, and set it in againe into the Oven a little while: Then take it out, and serve it in. Murrell, John. A new booke of Cookerie. 1615

Free-Standing Pies
To make Pies that the Birds may be alive in them, and flie out when it is cut up. Epulario, 1598
Pies and Chewitts - Historic Food
Bake Metes and Mince Pies - Historic Food
Bruegel. The Sense of Taste
Markham, Gervase. The English Housewife. 1683

Picture of Month: Making coffins at Riversdale

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